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zombie truck
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zombie truck

Zombie Truck

Your survival of the zombie apocalypse is going to depend largely on how much preparation you put in before the event. If you haven’t considered it before, you should be organising everything from where you are going to hideout to what supplies you are going to need. Whether your plan is to take refuge in the attic, build your own apocalypse bunker or head for the open road, when those zombies come staggering over the horizon you’re going to need some wheels that you can rely on for fetching supplies or making a fast getaway if the need arises.

zombie truckIf you are looking for a vehicle that screams “zombies!” look no further than this awesomely customised Nissan D21 Pickup Truck which exudes its own brand of zombie charm right from its purple and green iridescent painted wheels to the 360 degree zombie scenes that have been skilfully hand painted throughout the bodywork.

zombie truckWith bucket seats, carpeted door panels, blue LED instrument panel and tinted windows, every measure has been taken to ensure your comfort while cruising in your zombie machine. If you dare to forget there may be zombies on them there streets, the skull head on the gear stick is going to be a great reminder to keep your wits about you!

Externally, the bodywork on this truck really comes into its own. Heads are going to turn as you cruise by in this mobile work of art. The eye-catching hand painted zombie scenes on the sides back and bonnet have been lovingly designed and meticulously implemented. Visible from all directions, no-one can fail to notice this awesome zombie truck as it drives past.
zombie truck
With crawling zombies, walking undead, grave stones, and creepy creaking fences , it could be Halloween every day of the year! This awesomely zombified truck conjures up immediate images of Daryl Dixon and Rick Grimes making a food dash into town. That could be you! Maybe the zombies on the side of the truck might make great camouflage and fool those walkers that there are no humans inside, but I’d keep the windows rolled up and your foot on the gas just in case!

Zombie Truck Background Information

If there was ever a zombie story with a happy ending, this truck is the subject of that tale.

It all started one Halloween back in 2014. An artist named Sebastion Jinx decided to rescue a plain looking Nissan D21 Pickup Truck from obscurity by embellishing it with his own designs of zombie images. The truck went down a storm during the October celebrations and continued to attract all sorts of attention wherever it was driven.
zombie truck

Zombie Truck Artwork in Progress

Sebastion’s artwork is seldom out of the spotlight. A dedicated fan of The Walking Dead, he recently poured his appreciation of the series into an emotive piece on Daryl Dixon, which immediately flooded Instagram in virulent form!

zombie truck

The Walking Dead by Sebastion Jinx

On a typical day you can find Sebastion Jinx working as a tattoo artist at United Ink in Pigeon Forge alongside his wife Kami, who is a piercer at the same establishment.
zombie truck

Sebastion and Kami Jinx on the set of The Walking Dead and at United Ink

Zombie stories seldom run smoothly, and when the truck needed some mechanical attention Sebastion took it along to Wes and Lynn Chandler who run an automobile recycling and restoration business in Sevierville.
Now, Wes and Lynn are no strangers to all things zombified. You only have to see how they dress up on Day of the Dead!
zombie truck

Wes and Lynn celebrating Day of the Dead

Lynn has had more than one brush with the living dead herself. Having auditioned for several roles on The Walking Dead including Lori Grimes and Patricia, and having starred as “Vickie” in the zombie cult film A Zombie Invasion back in 2012, Lynn was ready to put her professional acting skills on hold to help Wes bring this undead truck back to it’s full glory.

Wes is a bit of a demon himself under the hood. Determined to restore the truck to its full potential, he worked methodically on the mechanics while Lynn tackled the interior. Thanks to Wes’s engineering expertise and Lynn’s relentless ability to grapple with the undead, yet again, this Nissan Pickup Truck was given a new lease of undead life, emerging from the workshop as a sweet running, zombie covered, mobile work of art!

When it comes to survival, we think this zombie truck has proven its worth. Truly one of a kind it is sure to bring many hours of driving pleasure to fans of The Walking Dead, living dead decor or post apocalyptic pimped up rides!

Zombie Truck Verdict

This Nissan D21 Pickup Truck has been soundly mechanically maintained and lovingly customised to provide a zombie truck that any fan of The Walking Dead or zombie genre in general would love to own. The interior has been designed for comfort, while the outside has been imaginatively and skilfully converted into a 360 degree zombie scene. With a combination of comfortable interior and graphically embellished bodywork, this truly unique vehicle is bound to provide hours of pleasure for driver and passengers alike.

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Zombie Truck Summary

This Zombie Truck has been customized to a high standard throughout. Full details on both the internal customisation and exterior graphic artwork are available. This includes a breakdown of the mechanical condition of the vehicle, location, price and how you go about making this vehicle your very own customized zombie truck.

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zombie truck


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