White Zombie

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Watch the movie which started it all! Made in 1932, White Zombie is a living piece of cinematic history as it serves as the first ever feature length zombie film!

Haitian Zombie

White Zombie stars silent film legend Bela Lugosi who appears within this legendary horror movie as Murder Legendre, an evil Haitian voodoo master who has enslaved an army of zombies. Among this horde of living dead slaves includes the innocent young maiden Madeleine Short Parker, played by Madge Bellamy who was one of the leading ladies of the 1920s and 1930s silent film era.

Magic Island

Garnet Weston created the screenplay for White Zombie based upon the 1929 adventure novel The Magic Island that was written by the famous author and explorer William Seabrook. Directed by Victor Halperin, independently produced alongside Edward Halperin, and shot within merely eleven days exclusively at night on the Universal Studios lot in California, White Zombie has stood the test of time and remains a thoroughly enjoyable zombie flick for the ages

Horror Cult Classic

Although it was not widely praised upon its initial commercial release, White Zombie has evolved into a cult classic over the years amongst fans of the iconic horror actor Bela Lugosi. In fact, if you look closely throughout White Zombie, you’ll be able to catch a glimpse of some of the props, scenery and film sets which featured in Bela Lugosi’s 1931 smash hit Dracula! In addition to cameo appearances from the great halls immortalised within Dracula, keen eyed viewers will also be able to spot the darkened corridors from the 1931 Frankenstein flick starring Boris Karloff, the hanging balcony from the 1923 cinematic adaptation of The Hunchback of Notre Dame starring Lon Chaney, as well as the chairs and set pieces from the 1927 silent horror motion picture The Cat and the Canary.

Victor Halperin

As well as serving as the first ever feature length zombie film, White Zombie also marked the first of many Victor Halperin horror classics including Supernatural in 1933, Torture Ship in 1937 and Buried Alive in 1939. White Zombie also spawned a sequel, Revolt of the Zombies, that was released in 1936.

Cary Roan Special Signature Edition

Carefully rendered and meticulously reproduced on Blu-ray, White Zombie: Cary Roan Special Signature Edition beautifully and skillfully showcases the original 35mm prints of this cinematic classic. So if you’d like to watch the movie that played a fundamental role in kick-starting the living dead film franchise, then why not check out White Zombie online today?

White Zombie Verdict:

As the first Zombie feature length film, White Zombie is a cult classic. Starring screen legend Bela Lugosi, this film may predate colour, special effects or CGI, but the skillful use of photography and sound create a menacing atmostphere that will draw you in. White Zombie led the way for all future zombie films, making it a must see for all fans of the horror / zombie genre.

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