When Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, the pressure is on to come up with some inspirational ideas, fast! If you decide to go down the “bottle of wine, box of chocolates, cuddly bear” route, that is fine. But if the love of your life is a zombie fan, Walking Dead addict, or just plain up for something different, then read on.

Fantastic Fantasy Valentine

For a Valentine’s Day with a difference, how about adding a touch of zombie/vampire/undead magic to your romance and turning the whole event into a fantasy, romantic, role playing experience?

Kooky Couples

For starters, why not pick your two favorite characters and dress the event up from head to toe starting with yourselves! Halloween is evidence of how much fun can be had from dressing up and role playing as an entirely different character. So, pick out your favorite couples costumes and celebrate Valentine’s Day as fantasy screen or game partners.

Now, if your ideal couple costumes are C3PO and R2D2, then we are not here to judge. However, if you want ideas for some of the most romantic couples, we have some great ideas.

Gomez and Morticia Addams

Gomez and Morticia set the bar where romance is concerned. Imagine how they would celebrate Valentine’s Day and let your imagination run wild! We’re thinking, gothic setting, romantic dance music and candle-light. Are you there yet?

Warm Bodies

Some other great characters for Halloween could include ‘R’ and Julie, the misfit Romeo and Juliet from Warm Bodies. If you haven’t seen the movie yet, then this would be a good time. Who can resist that age old story of girl meets zombie, zombie falls for girl, girl’s father wants to kill zombie. We won’t spoil the ending.

Princes and Patches

Prince Eric and Ariel the Little Mermaid have glamorous romance sewn up. Edward Scissorhands and Miss Edward Scissorhands make such a cute, off the wall couple. Just make sure you are careful where you put the shears.

More Couples

Check out our Costume Section for some more inspirational ideas. Why not match Dracula with a glamorous Victorian lady in lace for a vampish Valentine’s soiree? Alternatively, you could team Frankenstein with his black and white haired bride or re-introduce the mummy Imhotep to his long, lost love, Ancksunamun. The possibiities are endless!

Valentine’s Gift Ideas

We’ve included some novel ideas for Valentine’s gifts that are sure to bring a smile. Check out the anatomically correct heart locket or the cuddly zombie bear for starters!