Halloween Makeup

Halloween Makeup

Want to dress as a zombie for your next Halloween party? Need to brush up on your Halloween Makeup skills so you can blend in amongst the living dead should the apocalypse strike? Or have you always wanted to carry off a detailed zombie cosplay but don’t know where to start.

>Never fear, Zombie Pit is here! Regardless of your preferred zombie look and existing make-up skills, our ZombiePit team can match you with a wide range of Halloween makeup products, prosthetics and online tutorials so that you can create an amazing living dead look to suit any occasion!

When you think of Zombie or Halloween Makeup, fake blood is usually top of the list of essentials. At ZombiePit, we recommend adding a touch of Ben Nye Stage Blood and some Ben Nye Bruise Makeup to any Daryl Dixon, Michonne or Rick Grimes cosplay in order to execute a brilliantly bloodstained and battle-worn Walking Dead costume. Alternatively, if you intend to cosplay as a Walker then you can simply dab some of this “Zesty Mint” flavoured Ben Nye Stage Blood around your mouth to carry off a chilling living dead look.

As well as fake blood, one of the core aspects of any living dead look is an impressive zombie scar or wound. Fortunately, you can quickly and easily create your own detailed zombie wounds by using Ben Nye Liquid Latex. Have a read through our Zombie Pit product listings to learn how to build your own detailed zombie scars, rotting flesh and gaping wounds with the help of liquid latex. Add a splash of Ben Nye Fresh Scab Blood Makeup Gel to these scars to add a grizzly, clotting touch to your gloriously gory zombie wounds!

Don’t have time to create your own liquid latex wounds? Our Zombie Pit team can also match you with a broad selection of Walking Dead Prosthetic Chest Plates and Rubies Prosthetic Pieces that will turn you into a flesh-craving zombie in seconds. Simply insert a pair of Zombie Eyes Contact Lenses and you will be guaranteed to turn heads and strike fear into the hearts of onlookers at any Walker Stalker convention, Comic Con event or zombie themed party!

Feeling adventurous and would like to experiment with some uniquely terrifying zombie looks? You should invest in our Zipper Face Makeup Kit! Featuring a seven inch zipper prosthesis, makeup tray, bloody scab, spirit gum adhesive, makeup brush and sponges, this Zipper Face Makeup Kit will equip you with everything you’ll need in order to quickly yet effectively create a gruesomely detailed zombie look.

As well as these frighteningly fantastic makeup supplies, our Zombie Pit team have also created a series of in-depth makeup tutorials titled “Easy Zombie Make-Up Tutorial” and “Zombie Makeup Tutorial For Wounds” for our fellow living dead enthusiasts. Follow these step-by-step guides to create a chilling undead look for your next zombie party or convention even if you have no prior make-up skills. All of the products needed to complete these looks can be found within our Zombie Halloween Makeup Section online today.

You can also view video tutorials demonstrating zombie makeup being applied and realistic zombie wounds being created before your eyes.

Please feel free to use these Zombie Pit resources online today to transform yourself into a member of the living dead. By the time you’re finished even a real zombie would struggle to tell the difference!