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Zombie Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Are you looking for a zombie themed gift that will make your Valentine ‘s heart beat a little faster? Do you and your partner both share a passion for the pulse-deprived and want to celebrate Valentine’s Day in true zombie style? Perhaps you are already a zombie and need a few tips on how to get a date when you’re dead? Whatever your needs, our Zombie Pit team have got some great gift ideas so you can make this Valentine’s Day something special.

Valentine’s Day Zombie Greetings

valentines dayIn our humble opinion, a zombie themed gift really is the ideal choice for Valentine’s Day, the season of love. After all, nothing says ‘I love your brains as well as your body’ like a zombie. If a zombie offers to give you his heart, it really is for keeps. So why not show the undead fan in your life what true love means with this Word Search Walking Dead Zombie themed Valentine’s Day Card ?

valentines dayWhat’s more, the ghoul in your life will positively swoon if you present her with this adorable Valentine’s Bear. Despite his grizzly appearance he’s a real softie who literally wears his heart on his sleeve. He’s anxious to give that special someone a neatly presented brains dish with the tag “romantic dinner for two”. Zombies may not usually be talkative but this zombie bear says it all with his ‘I heart you’ shirt. Add a box of Dove Heart Shaped Chocolates and you have the perfect zombie themed Valentine’s Day gift!

Share a toast with some His and Hers zombie Valentine’s mugs

valentines dayCheck out this pair of His and Hers colour changing undead zombie mugs which serve as a unique gift that you and your loved one can share this Valentine’s Day and beyond. Simply add a hot beverage of your choice and watch the zombie infected version of this adorable couple appear. Inspired by Glenn and Maggie from The Walking Dead, the message reads clearly: “Together, even after the zombies get us”.

Show your love with a Forever Zombie Valentine’s couples figurine

valentines dayThe committed zombie couple who require something classic will be captivated by these graceful Love Never Dies Figurines. The corpse bride and groom truly capture the eternity of love and (after) life as zombies. For those who will be solidifying their relationship on Valentine’s Day with an engagement, this delightfully sentimental piece has a hidden purpose; it can serve as an ideal living dead topper for a wedding cake! Although this statuette has a corpse/zombie theme, it is beautifully fashioned and incredibly romantic. As we reveal in our Love Never Dies review in our Zombie Pit Gifts for Her Ideas
“Crafted with resin, this statuette measures 6.8 inches in height. The groom and bride are shown entwined in a loving embrace. The timeless clothes of a wedding combined with the skeletal features of our adorable couple depict a devotion that has endured many years past and more to come, stretching towards infinity. The only living aspect of this figurine is the bouquet of vibrant pink roses the groom is holding which appear to be as fresh as the day they were picked.”
One of our favourites in the collection is the corpse bride and groom in a romantic lunge mid-dance. It’s SO Morticia and Gomez!

Would your Valentine survive a Zombie Apocalypse?

zombie experience day If your Valentine is a Walking Dead fan then you can give them an unforgettable taste of what it would be like to be battle Walkers alongside Rick and Daryl with a visit to The Walking Dead Big Zombie Tour Part 2 in Atlanta Georgia The Walking Dead Big Zombie Tour Part 2 in Atlanta Georgia Alternatively, you could bond with your date during an immersive Zombie Experience Day wherein you must both band together in order to fend off a horde of marauding zombies!

Cosy up during a zombie themed movie marathon

valentines dayZombies are not synonymous with warm fuzzy feelings so the list of romantic zombie movies and TV programmes is quite a short one. Although you could cherry pick some light hearted episodes of The Munsters and The Walking Dead, we feel that there is one zombie movie that stands head and shoulders above the rest with a compelling Romeo and Juliet theme that would melt the hardest zombie heart – Warm Bodies. When a zombie is as good looking as Nicholas Hoult he’s not likely to let something trivial like being undead stop him from chasing the girl, especially when she is as beautiful as Teresa Palmer! Add a copy of Christmas with the Dead to keep the romantic theme going. Although this movie is set around Christmas, the romantic notion of a man trying to make Christmas special for his Zombie wife has a blissfully romantic appeal.

Creepy Candlelit Supper

zombie valentine For a truly romantic evening with a zombie themed twist why not wine and dine your Valentine with a candle lit supper with an undead theme? This grotesque zombie’s appearance may deteriorate with each droplet of candle wax that falls, but the romantic flicker from the flame will ensure an amorous ambiance endures. valentines day
Add a bottle of this refined vampire Blood in a captivating coffin presentation box to make your undead date as deliciously dramatic as any triste that Morticia and Gomez would celebrate!
Now you have the lights and the vino taken care of, all that’s left is to secure the most romantic living dead date ever with a little zombie inspired sounds to ensure a scintillatingly spook-tacular soiree!

Serenade that special someone with zombie themed Valentine’s music

Set the scene for an epic living dead date with some zombie themed melodies this Valentine’s Day! If you are looking for some romantic tracks with an undead twist then we can help connect you with the Warm Bodies Movie Soundtrack that delivers a delightful list of tracks that will make your Valentine swoon. We recommend making Missing You, A Girl Like You and the incomparable Pretty Woman a part of your Valentine’s Day playlist.
valentines dayOne look within our Zombie Music Section and you will be presented with a large selection of sultry singles and amorous albums that appeal to all musical tastes; from rock and pop to country and classical. If we had to choose some ideal tracks for a loved-up living dead Valentine’s Day date then we would begin with the light-hearted romantic guitar ballad If I were a Zombie, followed in fantastic freaky fashion with (I’m in love with a )Zombie by Natalia Kills and culminating in the enchantingly disarming Masquerade Ballad by Khatchaturian where you can whisk your Valentine into a wonderfully whirling waltz at the witching hour. Cara Mia!

Vamp it up on Valentine’s Day

If you’re feeling adventurous, you could even dare your date to cosplay as your favourite living dead duo during your zombie date, dinner or movie marathon! After all, what couple are more romantic than Morticia and Gomez?valentines dayNegan and Lucille?, or how about that post-apocalyptic Romeo and Juliet, R from Warm Bodies and Julie?valentines day
Or for an instant, minimal effort, transformation into a chillingly casual couple, how about these matching romantic ‘My pain in the neck T shirts’?

Ultimately, regardless of whether you are looking for a simple zombie themed card for the undead objection of your affection, or if you want to splash out on an action-packed Zombie Experience Day that they will cherish for many years to come, we hope that this Zombie Valentine’s Day Gift Guide has offered you some inspired gift and date ideas that will make your Valentine’s Day truly special. You can also check out our Gifts for Him, Gifts for Her, or Accessories Section to nab yourself some more spooktacular living dead gift ideas.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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