Norman Reedus Autographed Photo

norman reedus autographed photo
  1. 8×10 Photo signed by Norman Reedus
  2. Includes a Certificate of Authenticity
  3. Includes 4×6 Photo Snapped During Signing
  4. Ideal Gift for Daryl Dixon fan More…
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norman reedus

Norman Reedus Autographed Photo

Few characters in any dramatic TV show have received such a loyal following as Daryl Dixon, brought to life by actor Norman Reedus. It is hard to imagine that such an integral member of Rick Grimes posse did not actually exist in the original comic book series. In fact, the character of Daryl Dixon was created specifically for Norman Reedus by Frank Darabont, Charles H. Eglee and Jack LoGiudice because they were so much impressed with the audition he had performed for Merle Dixon.

Try to conjure up a phrase that encapsulates this character that millions have come to love and admire and it would probably include words such as heroic, loyal, scruffy, dependable, honest, daring and charismatic. Despite his lack of any confirmed romance with the ladies he encounters, Daryl, or even Norman, has unequivocally earned the title heartthrob with fans. One thing is for sure, this rough diamond has won the hearts of millions with his no nonsense attitude to survival and admirable loyalty to his family.

If you are a Norman Reedus fan, you are going to love this personally autographed 8″ by 10″ print of the crossbow wielding hero himself. The autograph was obtained during the Atlanta Comic Convention 2014. Happily, Norman Reedus was able to take his time over autographing this special photo at a private signing that took place after the convention had ended. As Norman put silver sharpie marker to photograph, the moment was captured for posterity by a nearby photographer. The lucky recipient of this picture will also be given a copy of that photograph so they can “see” Norman signing the very picture you see here, just like they were there when it happened. Magic!

The autographed picture of Daryl Dixon, the photographic evidence of his signing and a Certificate of Authenticity are all included. This truly is a remarkable souvenir that any fan of The Walking Dead would be delighted to own. If you happen to have a ‘Daryl Addixon‘, you are going to be walking on cloud nine to have such a treasured possession!

Norman Reedus Autographed Photo Verdict

This highly desirable souvenir package consists of a photograph of Daryl Dixon signed by Norman Reedus with photographic evidence of the event and a Certificate of Authenticity. Any fan of Norman Reedus, Daryl Dixon or The Walking Dead would be delighted to own this treasured sourvenir. It would make an excellent Christmas or Birthday gift, or just to make their day!

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  • Norman Reedus Autographed Photo
  • Norman Reedus Autographed Photo
  • Norman Reedus Autographed Photo
  • Norman Reedus Autographed Photo
  • Norman Reedus Autographed Photo
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