Zombie Movies

Zombie Movies

If you love zombie themed movies as much as we do then why not check out our Zombie Movies database online today! From novel adaptations to classic horror flicks, with the help of our Zombie Pit team you can find the best living dead films to suit any occasion!

For instance, have you always wondered what your favourite novels and folklore stories would look like with a splash of zombies added? Then why not check out Pride and Prejudice and Zombies or Zombie Hood for some refreshingly gory spins on these classic tales?

Alternatively, if you’re a video games enthusiast, why not check out Paul W.S.Anderson’s big screen movie adaptations of Resident Evil? Relive the most challenging aspects of your favourite games on the big screen! The Resident Evil Collection is the all time highest grossing film series to be based on video games having grossed US$915million worldwide!

The year 2016 celebrated 20 years of the Resident Evil Game Franchise. Why not celebrate with a movie marathon of all five films?

If you prefer Brad Pitt to the Umbrella Corporation then we can also match you with World War Z; a show-stopping adaptation of Max Brooks’ popular novel Zombie Survival Guide that introduces a new class of rapidly rampaging zombies.

Who says zombies and romantic comedies don’t mix? If you’re looking for a star-studded zombie flick that’ll warm your hearts with its undead rendition of Romeo and Juliet then Warm Bodies is the ideal movie choice for you. This star-studded zombie rom-com features Nicholas Hoult and Teresa Palmer alongside a series of stellar supporting actors including John Malkovich, Rob Corddry and Dave Franco.

Need a break from the chilling twists and heart-stopping thrills of conventional zombie films? You need a dose of Shaun of the Dead and Zombieland in your life. These rip-roaring comedy installments will have you laughing your fears away and stocking up on Twinkies before the real zombie apocalypse wipes them out!

If you prefer classic horror movies, and would like to experience the iconic films that inspired the modern zombie craze, then we strongly recommend you check out Night Of The Living Dead and Dawn Of The Dead. Check out the links listed within our Zombie Movies database to enjoy George A. Romero’s living dead masterpieces either in their original monochrome form or digitally re-mastered in Technicolor.

In addition to the broad spectrum of living dead blockbusters mentioned above, our Zombie Movies database also encompasses a wealth of cult classics including; the Jean Yarbrough’s 1941 feature film King Of The Zombies flick and the fan-favourite thriller Zombie Apocalypse, as well as the aptly titled Zombie (aka Zombie Flesh Eaters if you have been looking for the UK DVD release) which depicts a zombie infestation on the Caribbean island of Matul.

So why not delve into our Zombie Pit movie database online today? Whether you want to re-watch a cult classic or discover a new favourite franchise, we can supply you with everything you’ll need to enjoy an epic zombie film marathon (except the popcorn)!