walking dead merchandise

walking dead merchandise

Love The Walking Dead? Obsessed with Daryl Dixon? Always wanted an authentic zombie messenger bag? Visit our Walking Dead Merchandise section now and you can own the lot! At Zombie Pit we are committed to connecting our users with the latest merchandise from AMC’s stellar series The Walking Dead.

Books and Comics

Whether you are a fan of the show, the original comic books or the new video game series, you can pick up all of the latest Walking Dead goodies today!

Walking Dead TV Show

Want to binge watch the entire series? We can match you with Region 1 and 2 editions of all of the Walking Dead DVD box sets. Whether you are based within the USA or UK, we can fix you up with the latest seasons, including some awesome limited edition presentations.

Walking Dead Socks

Has running away from hordes of zombies left holes in your favourite socks? Not to worry! With our trio of ‘Fear The Living’, ‘Dead Inside’ and ‘Love Daryl’ trainer socks in multi-coloured designs you’ll be back on your feet before you know it!

Walking Dead Accessories

Always envied Michonne’s sling bag? We can match you with an authentic replica which see you through any apocalyptic occasion. From officially licensed figurines and quick witted T-Shirts to high quality wallets and unique Daryl Dixon crossbow lamps; you name it, Zombie Pit has it all!

Walking Dead Collectibles

As matters stand, our Walking Dead merchandise section encompasses all manner of messenger bags, wallets, T-Shirts and hoodies. But don’t forget those items you could have around your home. We have blankets and cushions all emblazoned with familiar faces from The Walking Dead. Or why not add a Daryl Dixon Crossbow lamp or Negan Lucille Lamp to your side table?

The Walking Dead Costumes

Preparing for Comic Con and looking to channel your inner Daryl Dixon? Then feel free to view our Daryl Dixon wigs, replica crossbows and biker wings jacket online today. Our team of living dead developers will be adding more exclusive Walking Dead product listings all the time so check back again soon, if you dare!