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Welcome to Zombie Pit

Introducing your one-stop zombie shop for all things zombie related! Our living dead team of Zombie Pit developers have fended off hordes of rampaging Walkers and lightning fast Zekes in order to match you with the best zombie-themed merchandise from the World Wide Web.

Zombie Movies

Planning a living dead movie marathon? We can match you with some of the best instalments ever to grace the world’s cinema theatres. From cult classics such as Bela Lugosi’s White Zombie and George A Romero’s iconic 1968 Night of the Living Dead, to modern zombie thrillers and killer comedies such as World War Z, Resident Evil, Zombieland, Shaun of the Dead and Dead Snow, our Zombie Pit Zombie Shop is fit to bursting with an eclectic range of living dead movies that will thrill, chill and entertain any zombie enthusiast.

Zombie TV

If you prefer the small screen to feature length films then you can also pick up a wide range of undead TV box sets from within our Zombie Pit Shop. Our collection incorporates numerous comedy series and dramatic sagas ranging from The Munsters to The Walking Dead, iZombie and Z Nation. We have also created some spoiler-free synopses for each of these living dead TV shows; ideal if you need a quick recap before the starting a new season!

Dress to Survive an Apocalypse

You can also dress like the living dead with the help of our extensive range of men’s, women’s and junior zombie clothing. Our Zombie Pit Clothing Section includes everything you’ll need in order to be suited and booted should the apocalypse arise; from comedy socks and officially licensed Walking Dead merchandise to actual survival supplies including personal straw water filters and a paracord survival bracelet. Pair your stylish living dead threads and survival supplies with some chic yet cheap bags, shoes and wallets that have been meticulously crafted with a living dead twist to pull off a flawless living dead look!

Living Dead Entertainment

In addition to clothing and accessories, feature films and TV show boxsets, Zombie Pit has also been kitted out with a broad selection of living dead video games, music albums and downloads, official soundtracks, action figures, books and graphic novels that will keep you thoroughly entertained before, during and after the zombie apocalypse. Regardless of whether you are a fan of Marvel Zombies, Max Brooks, Resident Evil, Plants Vs. Zombies or Left 4 Dead, we can match any zombie enthusiast with their ideal living dead pastime.


Planning a Halloween Party or zombie-themed event? Check our Halloween Costumes Section now for some great ideas. Our Zombie Pit team can also connect you with a wide range of Halloween Decorations to help stage your party. From bloodied hand print cling-ons and asylum scene setters to smoke machines, we have inspirational Halloween Decoration ideas to suit every pocket. If you have yet to pick out your party background music, then our Halloween Music selection of zombie tracks and albums can provide you with all the horror sounds you should need, from classics like the Ghostbusters theme and Monster Mash, to the Walking Dead theme and beyond.

Gift Ideas

All of these zombie themed Zombie Video games, Zombie TV shows and zombie clothes for women, Zombie clothes for men and Zombie clothes for juniors would make great gifts for yourself or a fellow living dead enthusiast.

However, if you’re looking for unique gift inspiration then our Zombie Pit team have amassed an diverse array of zombie-themed gifts in our Zombie Merchandise Section. From Daryl Dixon Crossbow Lamps and Zombie Eggpocalypse Breakfast Sets to Zombie Wine Bottle Holders and an Addams Family inspired Crawling Hand, we can equip you with some thrilling toys, gadgets and gizmos that will serve as quirky birthday gifts and Christmas presents.

Irrespective of the size, scale or style of zombie merchandise you may need, our Zombie Pit team are on hand to help you locate the best zombie and Halloween related merchandise out there, whether you are looking for Rick and Morty merchandise, Walking Dead merchandise, Nightmare before Christmas merchandise, something for a Zombie Valentines celebration, Shaun of the Dead merchandise or just general Zombie merchandise for your home.