Video Games

Video Games

Batten down the hatches, stock up your storm shelter and plug in your controller, it’s time to play some awesome zombie video games!

At Zombie Pit, our living dead developers love all things zombie related. As such, we figured what better way to prepare users for the impending apocalypse than by practising your shooting and survival skills with some epic zombie video games releases?

Resident Evil

To kick-start your epic zombie gaming experience we recommend you begin with the series that paved the way for the living dead franchise; Resident Evil. Our living dead ZombiePit developers have whiled away hundreds of hours replaying the classic PS1 Resident Evil as well as its myriad of sequels and digitally re-mastered editions on the GameCube, PS2, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Wii. What’s more, given the Capcom release of a new Resident Evil 7: Biohazard on January 24th 2017 to commemorate the franchise’s 20th anniversary, what better way to celebrate than by playing the entire franchise again from start to finish?

Vintage Sega

If you love the classics then we also recommend you check out Zombies Ate My Neighbours; a vintage Sega Genesis instalment that will have you screaming with laughter as you shoot vampires, werewolves, giant demon babies, funky squid men, evil dolls and of course zombies!

Vegetarian option?

Fans of these light hearted zombie flicks will also enjoy Plants vs. Zombies; a multi platform game wherein you can choose either to fight as a team of engineer, jock, scientist and foot soldier zombies, or defeat them as a series of sunflower, chomper, pea-shooter and cactus plant creatures. With seemingly unlimited upgrades, characters and challenges, this game can become incredibly addictive so make sure you stock your underground bunker with snacks before pressing start!

House of the Dead

Alternatively, if like us you spent your childhood shying away from the sun within arcades shooting zombies, why not relive these glory days playing House of the Dead? Our ZombiePit team can match you with the Dreamcast and Xbox editions of this fan-favourite franchise, as well as equipping you with a full size arcade machine reserved for only the boldest and bravest of die-hard House of the Dead enthusiasts!

Sniper Fans

Even if you’re not a massive zombie gaming aficionado we can match you with some great zombie video games. For example, fans of the Sniper Elite game series will also enjoy the Zombie Army trilogy included within our ZombiePit games database. Similarly, Walking Dead fans who just can’t wait until the arrival of the next Season can pass the time by reliving Season 1 and Season 2 from a unique perspective via a series of graphic adventure video games that have been finished in the style of the Robert Kirkman comics.

Green Flu Vaccines here

Love first person shooters? Then we advise you investigate the little known gems that are Dying Light and Dead Island. If you’re feeling brave, then you should also check out the iconic Left 4 Dead series via PC or Xbox 360. Trust us, you’ll be jumping out of your skin for hours on end as you attempt to escape the safe house infested with “Green Flu” infectees!

Snes to PS4

Can’t decide which game will kick-start your zombie-fuelled gaming marathon? Not to worry! Simply head on over to our Top 5 Zombie Games blog post for some living dead inspiration on the best retro and modern video games to keep you entertained for hours on end. From iconic SNES games to revamped PS4 installments, our Zombie Pit team will be able to match you with all manner of amazing games to keep you entertained until the zombie apocalypse strikes and beyond!