Zombie Guitar Grip

Zombie Guitar Grip
  1. Cushioned insert to protect the neck of your instrument
  2. Padded felt at base to protect wall.
  3. Easy to install
  4. Swivels to adjust for most styles of headstocks.
  5. Standard mounting hardware included. More…
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Zombie Guitar Grip
Zombie Guitar Grip

Zombie Guitar Grip

zombie guitar gripWhen a prize guitar, or any guitar for that matter, is resting in between sessions it is very important that it is kept in a safe place where there is little chance of knocks or spills and where no one can trip over it. A guitar stand is an excellent way to ensure guitar safety. But we at Zombie Pit have found something that we think will be a whole lot better.
After scouring the internet we have come up with something that combines guitar safety with a level of cool that any self respecting guitar player will find irresistible. After all, what could be cooler than entrusting your guitar to the safe grip of the zombie who lives in the wall?

This zombie guitar grip is so cool, we think any guitarist is going to love using this zombie hand to hang their guitar on the wall. It would make a great statement protruding from the wall in any man cave!

How it Hangs

zombie Guitar gripManufactured in the USA to a very high standard, as well as looking the part, this GuitarGrip Toxic Zombie Guitar Grip custom hanger is also a very practical way to store a guitar. There is a cushioned insert to protect the neck of your guitar, bass, banjo or similar instrument. It has been designed to hold most guitars including 7 strings, basses including 5 string, banjos etc. The Zombie Guitar Grip itself is easy to install, with an embedded quarter inch 20 count steel post. The grip swivels to adjust for most styles of headstocks.

Once in position, the zombie hand appears to protrude from the wall, it’s gnarling hand outstretched ready for you to place your guitar neatly into its grip. Not only will your guitar be safer than being left on the floor or a flat surface, it’s going to make you the envy of any self respecting zombie or guitar fan who sees it!


The box you receive will contain one awesome Toxic Zombie Guitar grip and a Wall Mount Stud; Slatwall Fittings

How it’s created

zombie guitar gripThis wild design Zombie Guitar Grip has been handcrafted with incredible detail to accent any guitar or bass. The detail on this zombie hand is a true work of art that has been fashioned to be durable as well as attractive. After an initial base coat, the zombie guitar grip has been airbrushed with a multitude of colours to ensure maximum gore and bring the dead rotting flesh to life. The hand has then been glazed to ensure every detail pops, and then finally finished with a matte top coat to ensure the durability of the zombie hand.

Zombie Guitar Grip Verdict

This Zombie guitar Grip has been finished to a high standard. It has been designed to accent any guitar or bass and would look awesome on any wall, clutching a guitar. This would make an excellent gift for any guitar playing zombie fan for Christmas, Birthday, or just to make their lair that bit more awesome!

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  • Zombie Guitar Grip
  • Zombie Guitar Grip
  • Zombie Guitar Grip
  • Zombie Guitar Grip
  • Zombie Guitar Grip
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