This ZombiePit Blog consists of an eclectic mix of editorials based on anything related to zombies.

For a serious look at the evolution on what we perceive as a zombie, check out our article: Are Zombies Real? Zombies is an article that classifies groups of zombies by type and gives you some insights that will help you formulate a plan for your survival in the event of a zombie outbreak.

For a more light-hearted read check out our selection of step by step cosplay guides on the most popular zombie-related characters. Need a costume for ‘R’ from Warm Bodies? we can kit you out with everything you need to put together a great ‘R’ costume. You will also find cosplay guides for Shaun of the Dead and his sidekick Ed, aswell as your favourite Walking Dead characters.

We have also included introduction editorials on The Walking Dead, iZombie and ZNation for those who have recently discovered these incredible dramas and would like a crash course on the main characters and other background information.

You will also find an introduction to Marvel Zombies which should help you navigate your way around these comic editions, movie reviews such as A Zombie Introduction and a collection of Top 5 Zombie Blog articles for zombie songs and zombie music videos.

Dive into our zombie articles and you are sure to find something that either fascinates, informs or entertains. We are adding zombie articles all the time, so check back again soon!