What is Halloween?

Halloween falls on 31st October and takes its name from the contraction of the words “All Hallow’s Eve”. This is because it is the day before “All Saints Day”, a Christian festival which traditionally celebrates saints, martyrs, and our recently departed. Halloween has become quite the celebration in it’s own right, with traditions that include: Trick or treating, attending costume parties, decorating the house in Halloween tradition, carving pumpkins into jack-O’-lanterns, lighting bonfires, bobbing for apples, telling ghost stories, playing pranks, watching scary movies, lighting candles, eating certain foods and playing games.

If that sounds like the sort of Halloween you are preparing to celebrate, then you have come to the right place for all the inspiration you are going to need to help make your next Halloween, the best Halloween ever!

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Over 100 Halloween Ideas

Before you launch into picking out your costume, or buying pumpkins, we suggest you first take a look at our Halloween Party Ideas.

By the time you have digested the wealth of suggestions we have on how to prepare your home for Halloween, you will probably have some exciting new ideas on how to make this Halloween the one to remember.


Halloween Decorations

Our Halloween Decorations range from the cheap and colourful to immodestly elaborate. We have a whole range of Halloween Decorations that are likely so suit boils and ghouls of all shapes and sizes.

Make your own Halloween

The celebration of Halloween is driven by the excitement and energy of the participants. Maybe your tast is a simple Zombie movie fest in front of a big screen? Perhaps you like an all out Halloween hullabaloo where the entire neighbourhood traipses past your spine chilling yard into a Halloween Haunt worthy of the Hammer House of Horror? We have a variety of Halloween decorations to suit all pockets for a variety of celebration styles.


Halloween Costumes

If you need some inspiration for your Halloween Costume, we have a number of outfits that are simple to throw together in an instant, and some elaborate ensembles that are sure to wow them in the aisles.

Walking Dead fans will find lots of badges, hat, shirts and weapons to transform themselves into a number of characters from that hit TV show including Rick Grimes, Carl Grimes, the General, Shane Walsh, to Michonne and Daryl Dixon. We have a detailed dedication on how to morph into Daryl right down to a Daryl Dixon Wig and expert makeup tutorial.


Halloween Makeup

We can also recommend the best Halloween Makeup for achieving whatever ghoulish grimaces you want to achieve, and some tutorials if you just need some pointers for a look that will scare your nearest and dearest. For those who want to add horrible scars, zipper faces or Walker prosthetics, we have a few suggestions and tutorials to help you achieve quite a staggering transformation! Two words: white contacts; magic for an instant zombie transformation!


Halloween Music

The simplest and most dramatic touches for any Halloween haunt come down to lighting, a smoke machine and the right soundtrack. We have some great recommendations if you want to beat a fast track on the best available, and a great selection of Halloween music tracks we think will get even the most reluctant zombie up and grooving.

make Your Own Halloween Playlist

If you want a quick compilation CD, you can’t go wrong with “Now thats What I call Halloween or Bobby Pickett’s monster Mash album. However, for the truly discerning Halloween music buff, there are a wealth of great tracks here that you could put together to suit all moods throughout the evening and completely wow your guests . Hangman from Day of the Dead, the wistful soundtrack from Dead Island, Rob Zombie’s Dragula, Wednesday 13’s I walk with a Zombie, the list is endless…

Great Selection of Halloween Songs & Albums

Simply visit our Halloween Music, Play & Download to sample a large selection of Halloween songs, albums, soundtracks and instrumentals. Hear a quick blast of each song to help decide what music you want to make your Halloween Soiree go with a swing. If you like what you hear, you have the option to download, buy the cd or stream. We have put together a selection to appeal to zombies of all musical tastes from Rob Zombie to Aram Khachachurian, taking in the haunting strains of Edward Scissorhands along the way. Listening to your fave Halloween music is a great way to get in the mood and start planning your next Halloween Haunt.

Get clicking your fingers along to the Addams Family Theme tune; get down and groovy with the modulating Munsters Music from the fab 60’s. If you want to add a touch of romance to your mood, we have the whole selection of songs from that Romeo and Juliet inspired zombie movie: Warm Bodies; even the ones that are hard to find!

This Year, Own Halloween!

Whatever way you choose to celebrate Halloween this year, whether it is scaring all your friends with an evening of Ghost Stories, hosting a Spooky Soiree for the neighbours, or watching a George A Romero “Dead” fest, we hope the Halloween inspired items we have put together here go some way to helping you celebrate the best Halloween ever.

To get started, why not check out our 100 Halloween Decoration Ideas?
Happy Halloween!

Written by Frankie Zee

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