In this golden age of television, we’re all spoiled for choice when it comes to excellent zombie themed sitcoms, dramas, parodies and procedural programmes. So what better what to satisfy your living dead obsession than by exploring our Zombie Pit archives, choosing a few classics, sitting back and enjoying an epic zombie TV marathon?

Within our extensive Zombie TV archives you will find a series of in-depth introductions for some of the most popular zombie TV shows including; The Walking Dead, iZombie, Z Nation and The Munsters. From viewers who may be discovering these classic shows for the first time, to seasoned zombie enthusiasts who wish to revisit their favourite TV universes, at Zombie Pit our living dead developers will equip you with everything you need to know in order to enjoy these sensational shows. We are also offering a few exclusive insights about these zombie TV shows that you may not previously have known. We can equip you with DVD box sets and brief for a wide range of zombie TV shows but don’t worry, this is a spoiler-free zone!

For instance, if you’ve been living within a fortified post apocalyptic storm shelter since 2010 and have not yet discovered the wonder that is AMC’s The Walking Dead then our Zombie Pit team can provide you with DVD box sets for Seasons 1 through 6. Die-hard Walking Dead enthusiasts should also check out our limited edition DVD box sets and other Walking Dead merchandise including an exclusive Season 5 DVD box set that comes complete with a gruesomely detailed graveyard presentation box that is literally bursting at the seams with ravenous Walkers!

In this same manner, fans of comic-book inspired zombie TV shows like The Walking Dead should also check out iZombie; a Vertigo (imprint of DC Comics) adaptation currently airs on The CW. Combining comic book elements, captivating living and undead characters as well as a thoroughly enjoyable ‘ Case of the Week’ format with a zombie/psychic twist, iZombie is the perfect TV show for fans of the zombies, comic books and crime shows. CSI eat your heart out – literally!

Once you’ve eaten your way through The Walking Dead and iZombie, please feel free to explore our Zombie Pit TV archives in order to discover similarly styled shows such as Z Nation; the Syfy horror/comedy/drama series. Similarly to The Walking Dead, Z Nation enables you to follow a rag-tag group of survivors as they fight and forage their way through a post-apocalyptic world in search of a cure. By following the links provided within our Zombie TV Shows archives you can find DVD box sets for Seasons 1 and 2 of Z Nation and learn everything you need to know about this spectacular show in order to be ready for its Season 3 premiere later this year.

After having your fill of modern zombie-inspired TV shows, why not reminisce with some classic horror themed programmes such as The Munsters? First aired in the 1960s, this CBS sitcom introduced us to America’s freakiest family; consisting of Herman Munster the Frankenstein-esque patriarch, Lily Munster (nee Dracula) his vampire wife, Eddie Munster their werewolf son, Grandpa the seasoned vampire and black magic enthusiast, Marilyn their beautiful niece whom they regard as unfortunate due to her normal appearance, and their pet dragon Spot who lives in the dungeon under the stairs!

Over the years The Munsters has evolved into a cult classic, so why not pay a much overdue visit to 1313 Mockingbird Lane by following our links to The Munsters Special Edition DVD box set to be equipped with all 74 episodes as well as a wealth of extras including two feature length films, the unaired pilot and the episode Munsters Family Portrait re-mastered in vivid Technicolor.

If you really love The Munsters then we also recommend sampling the various Munster related singles, albums and soundtracks stored within out Zombie Pit Halloween & Zombie Music archives. We’re humming the tune already!

All of these gruesome goodies and much, much more can be found within our Zombie Pit Zombie TV archives online today. What’s more, given that our team of living dead developers add new listings every week, make sure you come back soon to unearth some more classic creature comedies, living dead dramas and thoroughly thrilling zombie TV shows!