Survive a Zombie Apocalypse

Are you ready for the impending zombie apocalypse? Not sure? Then feel free to explore our Zombie Apocalypse Survival Section today o learn how. !With our help you can equip yourself with a wealth of information and professional quality survival supplies. Prepare yourself now with some rudimentary knowledge and equipment to ensure you survive the inevitable

Survival Equipment

When it comes to surviving against a horde of zombies, multi-purpose survival supplies are a must. For these reasons we suggest investing in a Paracord Survival Bracelet. This seemingly simple gadget can be used to make a shelter, trap food and make a fire. It’s versatile enough to also mark a trail, use as a tourniquet or as a fishing aid. A survival bracelet can save your life!

In many ways this small yet super strong Paracord Survival Bracelet could prove extremely useful in the midst of a zombie apocalypse and carries a Lifetime Warranty from The Friendly Swede.

Survival Water Filter

In the midst of a zombie apocalypse safe drinking water is also essential. Ensure you stay suitably hydrated and avoid infection with the help of a Lifestraw Personal Water Filter. Check out how this innovative Lifestraw Personal Water Filter can be used to safely drink water from any source.

How to Survive a Zombie

Ever wondered how you’d fare during the zombie apocalypse? Well now you can find out! In recent years there has been a surge in Zombie Boot Camp Experience Days so of course our Zombie Pit team had to check them out!

These action-packed excursions will teach you how to survive against rampaging zombies and then immerse you within a series of missions including clearing a mock government research facility, riding in a riot van convoy and then clearing an infested aircraft hangar! If you’re interested in testing your survival skills and fending off a horde of flesh-hungry Walkers you should consider a Zombie Experience Day!

What exactly is a zombie?

During a zombie apocalypse the time honoured cliché ‘knowledge is power’ is extremely relevant. So why not check out our “Are Zombies Real?” resource to learn more about the various types of zombies. You have probably seen them portrayed in books and TV but did that prepare you for the real thing? Our in-depth article has highlighted the various survival methods which you can deploy in order to fend off these multi-faceted undead assailants.

Know your Zombie

Similarly, our extensive “Zombies” resource chronicles the three main types of zombies featured within mainstream motion pictures and highlights their main strengths and weaknesses. If you need any more exclusive living dead insights, please feel free to check back within our Zombie Apocalypse Survival Section. Our living dead developers endeavour to add new info all the time, in spite of an impending zombie outbreak. If the apocalypse strikes you know where to find us!