Munsters Cuckoo Clock

Munsters Cuckoo Clock
  1. Exclusively from The Bradford Exchange
  2. Hand-cast and hand-painted
  3. Features Herman, Lily, Grandpa, Marilyn, Eddie More…
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Munsters Cuckoo Clock

munsters cuckoo clockWith this marvellous The Munsters Cuckoo Clock you can reacquaint yourself with the merry monster family that captured the hearts of the American public and fright fans across the globe! This terrifically terrifying timepiece has been intricately crafted by seasoned timekeeping tinkers from The Bradford Exchange in order to immortalise the unique design of The Munsters’ family home. By using a mix of black and white hues these cuckoo clock connoisseurs have been able to encapsulate the traditional style of this 1960s TV cult classic!

Each of these spooky The Munsters Cuckoo Clock timepieces measures 22 inches high and can be powered by three AAA batteries and two AAA batteries. Standing on the front steps of this Munsters family mansion cuckoo clock is the Frankenstein-esque man of the house Herman Munster, alongside his glamorous vampire wife Lily, their daughter Marilyn who is the beautiful ‘black sheep’ of the family, their werewolf son Eddie with his pal Woof Woof and the mad scientist Grandpa. If you look behind Eddie you will also be able to spot the iconic Drag-U-La dragster that has been parked out front in all of its ghoulish gothic glory!

munsters cuckoo clockWhen the clock strikes the hour this creepy cuckoo clock comes to life! The brilliant LED lights which lurk behind the archaic arch windows of 1313 Mockingbird Lane illuminate to create a dazzling lighting spectacle.
Listen carefully to hear The Munsters Theme Tune playing in the background and make sure you keep your eyes peeled so that you don’t miss out on watching Charlie the Raven emerging from the attic window in order to welcome in the witching hour!

You can lose yourself for hours staring at this captivating The Munsters Cuckoo Clock as you take in the intricate arch windows and the Gothic detailing of the Munster family mansion. Two intricately crafted coffin weights hang from beneath this terrifically terrifying timepiece. What’s more, the high quality pendulum which hangs in between these two coffin weights bears the logo of The Munsters TV show. From the creepy clock face with its exquisite Roman numeral numbering, and the frightful font of the house’s address plaque, to the wind-swept weather vanes that rest atop the slated roof tiles, as well as the detailed pillars, antiquated window arches, curved branches, crooked fencing and creepy cobwebs, no detail has been overlooked when it comes to showcasing the nostalgic quirks of this freaky family home!

Munsters Cuckoo Clock Verdict

This magnificent Munsters Cuckoo Clock enables you to relive the wonders that lurk within 1313 Mockingbird Lane every hour, upon the hour! What more could you ask for? With exquisite detailing and high quality pendulum parts, The Munsters Cuckoo Clock is a must-have piece of haunting home decor for diehard fans of this 1960s TV cult classic.
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  • Munsters Cuckoo Clock
  • Munsters Cuckoo Clock
  • Munsters Cuckoo Clock
  • Munsters Cuckoo Clock
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