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Developed by Sega and internationally released in 1997, The House of the Dead is a first-person shooter arcade game which challenges players to explore a ghoulish mansion grounds swarming with the monstrous creations of a mad scientist!

House of the Dead Synopsis

The plot of The House of the Dead is simple yet immensely entertaining; a mad scientist, Dr Roy Curien, has created an army of undead monsters within his mansion/research facility as a result of his maniacal obsession with discovering the true nature of life and death. AMS Agents Thomas Rogan and “G” have been tasked with storming Curien’s mansion, putting an end to his nefarious activities and rescuing Rogan’s fiancée, Sophie Richards, who is trapped within the mansion’s grounds. By using the arcade game’s light guns, players must fight their way through four chapters; each of which culminates in a boss battle against one of Dr Curien’s diabolical experiments. These chapters can be completed in single player or multiplayer mode with the option of playing as either AMS Agent Thomas Rogan or his partner Agent “G”.

House of the Dead description

house of the deadEach player is equipped with a pistol with six rounds which can be reloaded by shooting the arcade game’s light guns off-screen. Players also start the game with five torches that serve as life points. These torches can be replenished via first aid packs which are hidden within various objects and crates that are scattered throughout the game. You can also receive first-aid packs as rewards from civilians whom you can save from being killed by zombies. However, a word of caution; accidentally shoot a civilian in your attempts to save them and you will lose a torch! If you endeavour to save as many civilians as possible and use a limited number of ‘Continues’ then you can discover secret rooms with specials bonuses and view better endings upon completing the game.
Equipped with your pistol, torches and AMS partner, you must clear each area of the mansion of its various zombies and monstrous bio-tech inhabitants. After you have defeated all of the monsters within a specific area you will be able to progress to the boss battle at the end of each chapter. Before these boss battles begin you will receive a notification outlining the name and type of each boss as well as helpful hints regarding their vital weak points! Complete all of the chapters and defeat all of the bosses to make it out of the mansion alive!

House of the Dead Violence Rating

Games within The House of the Dead gaming franchise have received PEGI Ratings of 16 years and older due to the fact that they feature images and cut scenes of humans being attacked and killed, as well as zombies and various monsters bleeding profusely, having their limbs severed and being killed. However, the stylised nature of this violence and the dated visual graphics of The House of the Dead 1997 arcade game substantially dilute the gruesome and fearful nature of this violence. Ultimately, although The House of the Dead is not deemed suitable for younger players, its content is of a far lighter nature than modern survival horror gaming franchises and as such this game is far less likely to scare or disturb seasoned fans of the zombie horror genre.

House of the Dead Verdict

house of the deadSpawning multiple sequels and prequels across various platforms as well as a feature film, The House of the Dead is an internationally renowned franchise which has proved immensely popular amongst fans of first person shooters and survival horror games. Although The House of the Dead is only four chapters long and its graphics can appear somewhat unpolished in retrospect, it is an incredibly enjoyable game both in single player and multiplayer mode with substantial replay value.
In fact, one of the most enjoyable aspects of The House of the Dead is the ability to alter your own storyline depending upon the different courses of action you and your partner choose to take. Shooting doors and objects, the amount of ‘Continues’ you use and whether you decide to save, kill or accidentally shoot civilians will all impact the progression of the game and the particular ending that you witness. From receiving first aid packs from saved civilians and unlocking secret rooms full of lives and bonuses, to following different paths throughout the mansion’s grounds and sampling the different ‘good’ and ‘bad’ game endings, The House of the Dead offers players the freedom to explore the game as they choose. Will you stop Dr Curien? Will Sophie live or die? Or worse? There’s only one way to find out!

Zombie Rating

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You could Own your own House of the Dead Arcade Machine

House of the DeadThe House of the Dead Arcade Machine is a brilliant way to play an iconic Zombie Game. Even people who don’t normally play video games feel drawn to pick up a gun and start blasting those zombies as they loom towards you on the screen. The House of the Dead Arcade Machine itself makes a great entertainment feature in any number of venues proving popular at weddings, zombie parties, reunions, or just family get togethers where all the places round the scrabble board have been taken.
If you would like to enjoy the House of the Dead Arcade experience without leaving home, why not treat yourself to the original arcade machine. The picture on the left is a good example of the machine in all its original glory. Fortunately, there are a number of companies out there who are selling these machines at competitive prices, some in original form and others that have been reconditioned to an amazing standard.

SEGA House of the Dead I

The following SEGA House of the Dead Machine is a welcome trip down memory lane for those who remember these in their glory days in the arcades, the way nature intended us to kill zombies. With a new Power Supply and new guns this machine is ready for you to pick up, take home and start shooting zombies straightaway. Don’t be fooled by the coin slots, it can also be configured to operate for free!
house of the dead

House of the Dead I

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The Lost World Jurassic Park and House of the Dead I, II and III

This original Lost World Deluxe Cabinet has been fully refurbished to provide a customised viewing environment for Lost World Jurassic Park, House of the Dead I, II and III. With a list of updates that include a 52″ monitor, surround sound and SEGA guns in blue and red, you can immerse yourself for hours of interactive fun in the game of your choice. Moreover, the pre-installed software has the capability to emulate any Arcade ROM you wish to add for when you have finished outrunning dinosaurs and battling zombies!

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The next best thing to playing the House of the Dead on an Arcade machine is the Sega Dreamcast. Purchase a light gun to go with it and its almost like your own House of the Dead Arcade game.


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