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The Crossing Dead
the crossing dead

The Crossing Dead Smart Phone & Tablet App

Developed by Wizard Games Inc and first commercially released in June 2015, The Crossing Dead is an action-packed, highly addictive, free zombie adventure app. Download this living dead game onto your smart phone or mobile tablet device in order to begin exploring all manner of zombie-infested cities, graveyards and prison mazes!
The Crossing Dead tasks you with surviving the zombie apocalypse armed with your quick wits and your choice of pistol, shotgun, laser gun, rocket launcher or trusty chainsaw. This action-packed app enables you to switch weapons as you progress through the game as well as offering you the chance to power-up your existing guns and gadgets with a variety of intriguing upgrades. After all, as Wizard Games Inc state;

“One part Endless Hopper.
One part Zombie Shooter.
The Crossing Dead will have you constantly coming back for more!
Are you a survivor?”

The design of this living dead game is reminiscent of Minecraft and is fit to bursting with a broad spectrum of interesting environments to explore! The Crossing Dead features a stellar cast of comedic characters whom you can unlock by collecting coins. As you traverse this immersive post-apocalyptic universe filled with free-hopping zombies you can lose yourself within the wealth of amusing additions. From flaming cars to sparking telephone poles, The Crossing Dead presents you with all manner of hilarious obstacles to overcome.

You can even record and share video footage of your character’s funniest demises as well as photographing examples of your zombie hunting prowess in order to share them with your fellow Crossing Dead crusaders. The possibilities are endless!
Will you make it out of The Crossing Dead alive? How will you customise your zombie hunting arsenal? Can you make it through a round without being bitten? There’s only one way to find out!

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