Resident Evil Code Veronica X

Resident Evil Code Veronica X

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    Resident Evil Code Veronica X


    1. Developed and Published By: apcom
    2. Directed By : Hiroki Kato
    3. Produced By : Shinji Mikami
    4. Designed By : Hiroshi Shibata, Shigenori Nishikawa, Koji Kakae
    5. Platform : Dreamcast, PlayStation 2, GameCube, Xbox 360,PlayStation 3
    6. Genre : Survival Horror
    7. Mode : Single Player
    8. Release Date : February 3, 2000
    9. Rating : Mature (17+)

    Resident Evil Code Veronica Description

    resident evil code veronica

    Released on the GameCube in 2003, Resident Evil – Code : Veronica X is an updated version of Resident Evil – Code : Veronica which was originally released in 2000 for the Sega Dreamcast.

    Platform Plot Differences

    Although the original Resident Evil – Code : Veronica game and its Resident Evil – Code : Veronica X remake has been released on several platforms with subtle plot differences and visual changes, such as the inclusion of the fictional documentary Wesker’s Report with the PlayStation 2 version, the GameCube version of Resident Evil – Code : Veronica X is one of the most popular.

    Additional Cut Scenes

    Part of this popularity is due to the nine minutes of additional cut scenes which have been intertwined with the main storyline. Before the release of the GameCube remake, this exclusive game footage was only available in Japanese versions of Resident Evil – Code : Veronica.

    Return of Claire Redfield

    In Resident Evil – Code : Veronica X you play as Claire Redfield who, fresh from surviving the death-defying events of Resident Evil 2, is now looking for her missing brother, Chris Redfield. Featuring characters from Resident Evil and Resident Evil 2, Resident Evil – Code : Veronica X is believed by many to be the true sequel to Resident Evil 2 as it follows Claire’s investigation into the nefarious activities of the evil Umbrella Corporation.

    The Next Chapter

    What’s more, Resident Evil – Code : Veronica was developed at the same time as Resident Evil 3: Nemesis so although it is not a numbered release it fits perfectly within the franchise’s chronological story arc. Packed with conspiracy theories, living undead bio-tech creations and thrilling plot twists, Resident Evil – Code : Veronica X serves as the compelling and enlightening next chapter in the Resident Evil franchise.

    Claire or Chris Redfield?

    resident evil code veronica

    Similar to the style of Resident Evil 2, in Resident Evil – Code : Veronica X you have the opportunity to play as Claire Redfield for the first half of the game and then switch to play as her brother Chris Redfield for the second half. There is also an opportunity to play as Claire’s partner, Steve Burnside, for brief moments during the first half of the game and to reprise the role of Claire for a short excerpt of the second half of the game.

    Choose your weapon

    Moreover, due to the fact that Chris can pick up all of Claire’s weapons and items which have been placed within storage, you can feel free to utilise and upgrade all of your favourite weapons throughout the entirety of Resident Evil – Code : Veronica X.

    Real Time 3D

    One of the main differences between Resident Evil – Code : Veronica X and previous Resident Evil instalments is the fact that developers introduced real-time 3D environments rather than traditional pre-rendered sets. New camera movements are also evident; including semi-fixed camera angles and the incorporation of weapons, such as the Linear Launcher and the Sniper Rifle, which can be fired from the character’s point of view.

    Thrilling Suspense

    Although fans of the original format may find these changes jarring at first, they quickly become second nature and only seek to heighten the suspense and thrills of this survival horror game.

    Show case your Shooting Skills

    resident evil code veronica

    Once you have mastered annihilating the living dead from this first person viewing perspective, you can continue to showcase your shooting skills via Resident Evil – Code : Veronica X’s unlockable mini-game; Battle Game. Within this mini-game, you can choose to play as variety of unlockable characters; including Chris and Claire in either her Normal or Secret Mode outfits, as well as Steve Burnside and Albert Wesker.

    Against the Clock

    After selecting your preferred character choice, you will proceed to face a timed challenge wherein you travel through a series of rooms, defeating all of the monsters within each area and killing the character-specific boss as rapidly as possible. This mini-game has significant replay value due to the challenge of beating your best time score and unlocking all of the secret weapons on offer.

    Resident Evil Code Veronica Violence

    resident evil code veronica

    Rated M, the content in Resident Evil – Code : Veronica X has been deemed suitable for players aged 17 years and older. As can be expected from a survival horror game, Resident Evil – Code : Veronica X features countless images and cut scenes of humans killing and being killed by zombies and other monstrous mutations of the T-Virus.

    Corporate Nasties

    From giant spiders, ants and moths to more exotic Umbrella Corporation creations including formidable Hunters, their far deadlier Sweeper variants, grotesque Bandersnatches and the formidable Tyrant, Resident Evil – Code : Veronica X showcases an extensive collection of bloodthirsty monsters. Be sure to expect plenty of shocks, thrills and surprises!

    Resident Evil Code Veronica Verdict

    With challenging puzzles and frantic shoot-outs against the living undead, Resident Evil – Code : Veronica X is a highly addictive game that will have you gripped as you discover the heinous plans of the Umbrella Corporation alongside Claire, Chris and Steve.

    Rockford Island

    Resident Evil – Code : Veronica X takes place within the remote Rockford Island prison facility in the South Pacific as well as the Umbrella Corporation’s secret Antarctic Base research facility, and as such it adopts a similar tone and setting to previous Resident Evil instalments.

    New Challenges

    Fans of the franchise will enjoy the opportunity to use many of the same inventory and weapon upgrade options from Resident Evil 2, such as side packs and handgun parts. Moreover, diehard fans will notice the inclusion of explosive oil drums and turning controls which feature heavily in Resident Evil 3: Nemesis.

    Weapons Upgrades

    However, that is not to say that Resident Evil – Code : Veronica X does not bring an arsenal of new and exciting additions to the franchise. From the addition of new rounds for the ever popular grenade launcher, to dual-wielding pistols which enable you to kill multiple enemies at once, Resident Evil – Code : Veronica X is full of exhilarating weapons upgrades which are just waiting to be unlocked and reloaded!

    Action Retry

    Furthermore, despite having a game-play that is practically identical to the original Dreamcast game, Resident Evil – Code : Veronica X does seek to rectify some of the aspects of previous Resident Evil games which players found annoying. Alongside improved visual graphics, there is now the option to retry scenes after game over rather than simply being reverted back to your last saved place.

    Addictive and Captivating

    You can also pick up and use healing herbs when your inventory is full; a skill that can prove vital when facing off against an impending zombie horde! All in all, Resident Evil – Code : Veronica X is an extremely enjoyable addition to any survival horror gaming collection. Forgive its slightly irritating camera movements and you will be equipped with one of the most addictive and captivating games within the Resident Evil franchise that will have you gripped from start to finish!

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    • Resident Evil Code Veronica
    • Resident Evil Code Veronica
    • Resident Evil Code Veronica
    • Resident Evil Code Veronica
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