Die Hard Board Game

Die Hard Board Game
  1. Based on Die Hard Movie 1988
  2. 2 – 4 players
  3. Age: 15+
  4. Duration: 45 – 60 minutes approx
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Die Hard Board Game

It’s Christmas Eve in Nakatomi Plaza and once more, John McClane has been invited to the worst Christmas Party ever. “Come out to the coast. We’ll have a few laughs”. It all seemed like such a good idea at the time. Well, now it’s your chance to see how you would fare in John’s shoes. Not that he was wearing any for most of the film. Yes, it’s finally here. The board game for which all Die Hard fans have been waiting. Pack up the monopoly and stop the charade. Gather the family round and brace them for the game of a lifetime: Die Hard the Nakatomi Heist Board Game has arrived. Happy Trails!

Twas the Night Before Christmas

Fans of Die Hard are going to love this game because instead of just watching the movie, they get to take part. This game is cinematic, in that it follows the theme of the movie. This means that the objectives of the players and the scenarios in which they find themselves are reminiscent of the movie. In the Die Hard Board Game John McClane must pick his wits against the bad guys to save Holly and the rest of the hostages from Hans Gruber and his hench men. Just like in the movie, the objective of Hans and co is to crack the codes on the safe so they can get to the bearer bonds.

All Through the House

The Die Hard Board Game is played on an inspirational game board that evolves as the game progresses. Divided into three Acts, different scenarios of the movie are played out on a different configuration of the board at each stage. In the first Act the board starts small. As John progresses to Act II and eventually Act III, the board unfurls to finally reveal a grand board on which to play the final scene. Each Act contains a list of tasks for John to accomplish, the final Act requiring him to throw Hans Gruber off the roof in order to save the hostages. Well, it is Christmas.

Die Hard Board Game

Not a Creature was Stirring

The game is ideally played with four people. One gets to play John McClane while the other three are bad guys. Both John and the bad guys have sets of cards which give them directives at each stage of the game and a die to determine outcome. John has a number of “moves” available to him in order to complete his tasks during each Act. These include attack options (Shoot, Punch) when he is faced with confrontation and stealth options (sneak) to move around Nakatomi without being found. As you remember from the film, John is particularly good at stealth. The lack of shoes may have helped with that one. The bad guys pretty much keep their same objective throughout each Act: kill John and open the safe. That’s why they’re the bad guys!

Die Hard Board Game

Except the standard two-by-two cover formation

You will instantly recognise some of John’s tasks such as finding a pair of shoes, throwing a body out of a window to alert Powell in the cop car below. Equally, the bad guys have their moments such as finding hostages and shooting at the RPG when the SWAT team fail to sneak in the back door via standard two-by-two cover formation.

Die Hard Board Game Contents

Die Hard Board Game
  1. Double-Sided Game Board
  2. 80 John McClane Action Cards
  3. 40 Bad Guy Action Cards
  4. 25 Lock Cards
  5. 1 John McClane Player Board
  6. 1 Lock Tracker Card
  7. 9 Custom Figures
  8. 1 six sided Die
  9. 17 Blue Lock Cubes
  10. 12 Red Draw Blood Cubes
  11. 1 Lead Bad Guy Marker
  12. 40 Objective Tokens
  13. 16 Objective Tiles
  14. Instructions & Rules


The Die Hard Board Game centres around the first Die Hard movie released in 1988. For 2 – 4 players, one assumes the character of John McClane while up to 3 play as the bad guys. John McClane’s objective is to survive the game, save Holly and the other hostages and to throw Hans Gruber off the roof. The objective of the bad guys is to kill John McClane and open the vault that contains the bearer bonds. The safe has seven locks, just like in the movie.

Stages of Game Play

Played over 3 Acts, each stage contains tasks for John and the bad guys that you will recognise from the movie. John must complete his tasks for each Act before moving onto the next. The bad guys must crack a code for each lock on the safe before moving onto the next. The final lock can only be opened once the FBI become involved and cut off the power. The game has two possible outcomes. If John is killed or runs out of card, the bad guys win and the game is over. If John gets to Act III, saves the hostages and throws Hans Gruber off the roof, John wins and the game is over.

Dynamic Game Board

The game board changes with each Act. Starting with the smallest configuration in Act I, the board is unfolded to reveal a different scenario. The final Act is the most dramatic and sees John pitted against the resources of Hans Gruber. In order to save the hostages and overcome the bad guys, John must ultimately throw Hans Gruber off the roof, just as he did in the movie.

Game Directives

Separate decks of cards are used for John McClane and the bad guys to guide them through the game and describe the challenges they are facing. A die is thrown to determine the outcome of each move. There are lots of pieces included in the game including character figures for John, Hans and the other bad guys. Tokens are used to earn points such as cracking safe codes for the bad guys and earning radio points for John.

Quests and Quotes

A number of moves are available to John and the bad guys. These include punch, shove, shoot, sneak for John and shoot, lock and reinforcements for the bad guys. The game is peppered with instantly recognisable quotes from the movie which is an integral part of the enjoyment of the game. Players are given a sense that they are within the movie and are actively playing the roles of John McClane and the bad guys with the same mission objectives.

Who will enjoy this game?

Targetted for an audience of 15 and above, this game is designed to last a duration of 45 – 60 minutes. Knowledge of the Die Hard movie is not essential but adds to the enjoyment of the game and appreciation of the game play. The game is ideal for any Die Hard fan.


This is a hugely fun game to play if you are a fan of the Die Hard movie. The cards have lots of quotes you will recognise and the scenarios are right out of the movie. Of course, seasoned board game fans may regard this as a disadvantage. This is because each time you play, John’s objectives remain the same and the script of the game will always follow that of the movie. From a Die Hard fan point of view, this is a positive advantage. There is enormous fun to be had from playing out the scenes, helping John achieve his objectives and enjoying his one-liners along the way.

This is a well crafted game with an imaginative game board and a set of thrilling scenarios. Enormous fun, especially at Christmas, Die Hard fans are going to love this game. A Christmas game to match a Christmas movie. It would make a great present for any Die Hard fan. For a real treat, put on the Die Hard movie and play the game at the same time. Yippee ki-yay and cue the Christmas music! 🎷 🎼 🎶

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  • Die Hard Board Game
  • Die Hard Board Game
  • Die Hard Board Game
  • Die Hard Board Game
  • Die Hard Board Game
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Written by Frankie Zee

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