A Zombie Invasion

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  1. Genre: Horror
  2. Director; Matt Green
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Director : Matt Green
Guest Director : Kely McClung (Autopsy Scene)
Screenplay : Brendan Vogel
Producers : Robert Pralgo, Zeke Flatten, Mark Harris
Release Date : December 2012
Running Time : 94 minutes

A Zombie Invasion movie Violence Rating

Episodes of violence and gore are frequent and include shooting, stabbing, decapitation, zombies eating human flesh, zombie bites, an explosion and an alien abduction. The level of violence is typical of a zombie movie and as such is not intended for younger viewers.

A Zombie Invasion movie Synopsis

Frank Sutton is missing, Thaddeus has been the victim of a pack of purple poodles, Crazy Earl is claiming to have seen alien spaceships again and the electricity in the whole town is on the blink; nothing so critical to make Sheriff Long and his army buddy Chuck cancel their fishing trip. However, when Chuck reels in something unexpected at the lake and the Sheriff receives a panicked call from Deputy Harlan, it becomes clear that there are sinister goings on in town.
With stories about corpses walking around, the disappearance of Crazy Earl and the Sheriff being barricaded out of his own home, the diner becomes the obvious place for everyone to take refuge from the increasing threat of the flesh-craving undead. With their only communication to the outside world being the intermittent broadcasts over the radio, and with news of a safe haven one mile north of Bakersville, Sheriff Long comes up with a plan to evade the swelling horde of zombies outside the diner and to ensure that his ragtag group of survivors get out of town alive!

a zombie invasion

Sheriff Long

Portrayed by Robert Pralgo, Sheriff Norman Long is the authority figure in town to whom the residents look for leadership and guidance. Proud of his town and protective of its inhabitants, Sheriff Long has invited an ex-army colleague for a visit, hoping to recruit him as a Deputy. Since the loss of his wife, the Sheriff has single-handedly raised their daughter Sarah.


Tucker, portrayed by Ted Huckabee, runs the diner. The jury is out on whether his chilli is as good as he believes and his romantic involvement with one of the waitresses, Sarah, has earned the disapproval of her father, who just so happens to be the Sheriff! When the chips are down, Tucker does emerge as a formidable zombie slayer armed with his “Peacemaker” bat.


Portrayed by Stephen Caudill, Thadeus is the town handyman who specialises in electronics. A gentle soul, his slight stammer and slow delivery of speech might give the illusion that Thadeus is not so quick on the uptake. However, his choice of literature shows an intellectual maturity and, when put to the test, Thaddeus shows true bravery and resolve in his willingness to stand up and be counted.


Earl is portrayed by Geoff McKnight. Although he has earned himself the title ‘Crazy Earl’ due to his unconventional lifestyle, his erratic behaviour and his claim to see aliens on a regular basis, there is more to this town local than meets the eye; along with his antisocial behaviour, Earl has also disgraced his profession and been divorced by his wife. On the plus side, he has an enquiring scientific mind, is an expert in human anatomy and has come up with a theory on how to solve the zombie invasion problem. The more we see of Earl the more endearing he becomes.


Portrayed by Vince Canlas, Ed is first seen entering the diner carrying an unconscious victim of an attack whom he had found lying next to her car. Due to his honesty, bravery and dependability, Ed plays a pivotal role in the Sheriff’s plan to evacuate the survivors in the diner to a military safe haven north of Bakersville.


Vickie, portrayed by Lynn Talley, is the most likeable of the waitresses at the diner who always exudes a cheerful disposition and maintains a professional manner towards her customers. Though her medical knowledge is limited, the first aid badge she earned as a girl scout makes her the expert of the group when dealing with the wounded. Practical, brave, and ever eager to lend a helping hand, Vickie volunteers to accompany Sarah Long in a bid to leave the diner and search for help.


Chuck is a military man; a seasoned war veteran and former army colleague of Sheriff Long. Proficient in combat skills and handy with a gun, Chuck, portrayed by Fadi Malouf, is the ideal choice to have around during A Zombie Invasion. Able to keep his head in a crisis, it is no wonder that the Sheriff is trying to recruit him as a Deputy for the town and make his visit permanent.

Sarah Long

Sarah, portrayed by Courtney Hogan, is the daughter of Sheriff Long. She works at the diner as a waitress and is romantically involved with Tucker, the diner owner. This relationship does not meet her father’s approval who had higher hopes for his daughter’s future. However, her stubbornness does come in useful when volunteers are needed to leave the diner and go to fetch help.


Wanda works as a waitress at the diner. Portrayed by Samantha Worthen, Wanda is a determined individual who knows what she wants and has no qualms about getting it. Her resolve weakens when faced with a horde of marauding zombies but she finds renewed energy when the escape plan is set into play.


Portrayed by Quint von Canon, Rob makes a dramatic impact early in the movie demonstrating his survival instincts, police training combat skills and military precision for dispatching zombies. Armed with a machete and a gun, he is resourceful in creating a safe haven/fortress which will keep out scavenging zombies. Recently married, Rob will stop at nothing to protect his new wife.

Deputy Harlan

Dutifully dependable Deputy Harlan is put in charge of law and order while Sheriff Long is out of town on a fishing trip. Portrayed by Jason Hall, Deputy Harlan may be sufficiently capable of handling the day to day demands of a small town, but he soon finds that he is out of his depth when the town becomes overrun with living dead!


Hanging out at the diner and playing video games is Snake’s usual way of passing time. Portrayed by Steve Kouvelas, Snake gets his chance to shine and elevate himself above his nickname when Sheriff Long asks him to play a pivotal role in their escape plan.

A Zombie Invasion movie Verdict

A Zombie Invasion is a welcome diversion from the typical zombie movie formula we have come to expect. It has a style that is reminiscent of the George A Romero’s living dead movie saga and it is worthy of a cult status of its own. In the same way that Night of the Living Dead focused on a small group of people trapped in a house with only a radio for communication, A Zombie Invasion depicts the perils and pitfalls of an impending zombie apocalypse through a small group of townsfolk taking refuge in a diner, whose only communication with the outside world is a radio that broadcasts spasmodically.

By focusing on the experiences and reactions of an ordinary group of people in this way, the events that unfold seem plausible and we become invested in the characters, developing a strong need for our favourite townsfolk to make it to safety in one piece.

With a number of seemingly independent misadventures taking place all over town, a level of tension is introduced early on in the film and it never seems to let up; slowly reeling us in, twisting the torque and building to a chilling crescendo every time one of the townsfolk is placed in danger.

The concept of a zombie invasion with dead humans playing host to alien parasites is an intriguing, foreboding and plausible story arc. Given the number of alien movies that have convincingly portrayed humans being abducted, infected and controlled by aliens, the threat of a zombie apocalypse engineered by a more intelligent and hostile adversary is credibly revealed and serves to create a heightened sense of fear over the scale of the adversity that our intrepid band of diner patrons must face.

There are a few shocks in store throughout A Zombie Invasion that come accompanied with the type of gore that is to be expected from any thrilling living dead feature film. The brief interludes of levity serve all the more to remind us that these are just a bunch of ordinary folk trying to overcome a situation into which they have suddenly been thrust ill-equipped and unaware.

The ending to this gripping, at times light-hearted, post-apocalyptic tale is just as surprising as it is refreshingly honest, and it prompts this reviewer to ask “When will there be a sequel?”

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A Zombie Invasion Music

The music tracks played throughout the movie include three from the Southern Gothic Revival Album:
Wicked, Drag the River and Ghost Train. Move your cursor across the image below to hear samples of all tracks from the Album. These are available to download or stream from Amazon and Itunes.

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