Zombie Charcoal Wallet

zombie charcoal wallet
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Zombie Charcoal Wallet Description

zombie charcoal walletThis beautifully handmade zombie charcoal wallet is fashioned from a uniquely designed fabric by Alexander Henry. Measuring four inches high by eight inches wide, the magnetic snap closure can be opened to reveal a practical bi-fold designed wallet that incorporates plenty of room for all your credit cards and cash as well as sporting a handy picture holder for ID. A variety of images are available in this style of wallet, but we at zombiepit feel the unique Alexander Henry Zombie design is going to appeal most to the zombie fans amongst us.

When opened to its full extent, a beautifully graphic image is revealed to show a horde of marauding zombies. Fans of The Walking Dead comic books are going to love the graphic zombie images printed on this wallet. Whether you call them Walkers, Zekes, or flesh eating undead, these zombies are sure to keep unwelcome intruders at a distance from your wallet’s precious contents.

  • Bi-Fold Handmade Woman’s Wallet with assorted images
  • Sections for note, magnetic snap closure
  • 4 inches high 8 inches wide
  • Picture holder and 6 credit card holder
  • Made in USA.
  • Available with assorted images

This delightful wallet is made in the United States by US Handmade Fashion who specialise in unique items that stand our from the crowd and get you noticed! In their own words:
“We are a big handmade handbag manufacture in Los Angeles. We make our custom handmade handbags, purses, wallets, aprons, and accessories with unique designs and prints. All custom handbags and other products are made in USA and made by fabric or PVC. We make these bags and other products in diffierent sizes and styles.”


This excellent Zombie Charcoal Wallet is a handmade, practical purse with numerous compartments and quality snap shut mechanism. The fabric from which it is fashioned is the distinguished Alexander Henry Zombie Design. It would make an excellent gift for any fan of The Walking Dead or zombie genre.

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  • Zombie charcoal Wallet
  • Zombie charcoal Wallet
  • Zombie charcoal Wallet
  • Zombie charcoal Wallet
View on Amazon.com a zombie invasion

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