Ghostbusters Board Game

Ghostbusters Game Board
  1. Custom Game Pieces
  2. Co-operative Game
  3. 1-4 Players
  4. Duration: 30mins – 2hrs
  5. Age: 15 and Up
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Ghostbusters Board Game

The moment you have been waiting for is here. New York is in trouble, ghosts are running amok and your services as a ghostbuster are urgently needed. It is your turn to save the world. No pressure.

To get yourself in the ghostbusting mood, click the audio bar below to sample that wonderful soundtrack. Click on the image to view the music video which stars Ray Parker Junior and includes clips from the Ghostbusters movie.
Happy Ghostbusting!

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Your chance to be a Ghostbuster

This Ghostbusters Board Game is an episodic adventure game that has been designed for one to four players who assume the roles of the four ghostbusters. The task of the ghostbusters is largely about busting ghosts but they also have to seal gates to the spirit world and release new and exciting ghostbuster abilities. Saving the world again is all in a day’s work for the ghostbusters!

Your mission

No self-respecting ghostbuster would wade into a spectral challenge without at least putting in some tertiary research. Luckily, the people at Cryptozoic Entertainment have thought of this. Within your detailed Operations and Field Manual Instructions, you will be given the back story which you can read before embarking on your game. This little story is an exciting read that sets the scene and is a great reminder of the personalities of each of the ghostbusters. The short version of the story is basically: There’s something strange… in the neigbourhood …who ya gonna call?

How to play The Ghostbusters Board Game

Busting ghosts is not for the faint hearted. Before you embark on this possibly dangerous endeavour, it is advisable to find out as much as you can about ghostbuster tools of the trade, knowledge of ghosts and ghouls, how to trap a ghost, how to deposit a ghost in the containment facility and how to achieve all this without incurring the wrath of some other worldy being such as Gozer the Destructor.

For this, you will need the invaluable Ghostbusters Operations and Field Manual which you will find contained in your game contents.


Each of the ghostbuster characters has ‘actions’ that they can execute while taking their turn. Typical actions consist of fighting ghosts, moving around the board and driving the Ecto-1 ghostbuster mobile. In addition, a ghostbuster must know how to deposit trapped ghosts into the containment facility and remove slime from themselves or other ghostbusters.

Game Play Scenarios

Each game scenario takes place in the locations and environs of an apocalyptic New Your City which are constructed from game board tiles. As you would expect during a ghostbuster apocalypse, the new New York scenario is heavily populated by ghosts and otherworldly activity. You can also play in Campaign Mode, which links multple scenarios together.

Co-operative Board Game

The Ghostbusters Board Game is a co-operative challenge so you will need to work with the other ghostbusters in order to achieve success and save the world. Call on all your cunning powers of observation, resourcefulness, foward planning, teamwork and ultimately the strong desire to wield a proton pack and we may all get through this together and save the world AGAIN. Remember, there is no ‘I’ in team, although Venkman is always happy to dispute that one.

Background Information

The Ghostbusters Board Game was created in 2015 and published by Cryptozoic Entertainment. It was designed by Matt Myra, Adam Sblendorio and Mataio Wilson.

Ghostbusters Board GameGame ContentsGhostbusters Game Board

Ghostbusters Board Game

Profile Cards

Each of your ghostbusters will have their own character card with their relevant profile and abilities. Likewise, you will find 6 ghost cards, 15 scenario cards and 5 XP trackers.

Ghosts and Ghouls

Our intrepid ghostbusters are challenged by 3 ghostly boss figures: Slimer, Idulnas (third minion of Gozer) and the Stay Puft Marshmallow man. You will also find 20 galloping ghoul figures, 12 gruesome twosome fiures and 9 Boogaloo Manifestation figures. Similarly to the ghostbusters, the ghosts have their own profile cards which relate their profile, strengths and weaknesses.

Ghostbusters Board Game


There are 4 Ghostbuster figures contained in the game. these are Peter Venkman, Egon Spengler, Ray Stantz and Winston Zeddemore.


What self respecting ghostbuster would be without transport? When an emergency call comes the ghosbuters pile into their trusty Ecto-1 ghostbustermobile which you will also find contained within the game.

Dice & Board

The dice that are contained within this Ghostbusters Board Game consist of an eight sided movement die, a six sided event die and a six sided proton die. Gameplay takes place using 10 double sided game board tiles, 1 spirit world tile and 1 PKE meter tile.

Game Tokens

You will also need your trusy ghostbuster tokens which consist of 20 proton stream tokens, 16 slime tokens and 5 gate tokens.


Your Ghostbusters Game Board will also contain comprehensive instructions in the form of The Ghostbusters Operations and Field Manual.

Ghostbusters Board Game Verdict

The Ghostbusters Board Game is a co-operative game that encourages the players to work as a team in order to achieve their goals. Each player has their role to play and can enjoy activities such as driving Ecto-1, depositing trapped ghosts or removing slime. There are a variety of scenarios to play so you will have a fresh challenge when you next come to the table. Ghostbusters is an inspired choice for a game that requires the players get into character. Who doesn’t want to be a ghostbuster? Here is your chance to slip on the suit, take up your proton pack and answer the call.

This would make a great game for the Ghostbusters enthusiast any time of the year but it is sure to go down a storm at Christmas. You’ve seen the movie, you’ve heard the theme tune, now try the board game. You will not be disappointed!

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  • Ghostbusters Board Game
  • Ghostbusters Board Game
  • Ghostbusters Board Game
  • Ghostbusters Board Game
  • Ghostbusters Board Game
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Written by Frankie Zee

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