nightmare before christmas

nightmare before christmas

If you are a fan of Nightmare Before Christmas or you know somebody who is, you are in the right place. At ZombiePit we just love Nightmare Before Christmas. The unabashed symbiosis of Halloween and Christmas in a swirl of intrigue and celebration that travels seamlessly from one to the other. What is not to love? Let Halloween drift into Christmas and carry on enjoying all your Jack and Sally celebrations. Check our our Nightmare Before Christmas Merchandise now and give yourself a treat. Better yet, pick out a present for the Nighmare Before Christmas fan in your life. It will make their day!


We have a step by step guide to create the best Sally Costume . Complete with wig and blue stitchy tights, you are going to love the rag doll you in this wonderful costume.


You are going to love our Nightmare Before Christmas collectibles. Maybe you will choose a Nightmare Before Christmas carousel? Keep time with a cuckoo clock with a ghost dog in it. Perhaps you would like to hang some delightful Nightmare Before Christmas ornaments on the tree?


For shoes, backpacks, messenger bags, purses and a glorious Christmas Sweater, you really cannot go wrong. Check out our selection of Nightmare Before Christmas Accessories and give yourself a treat!

At ZombiePit we are adding more Nightmare Before Christmas merchandise all the time, so check back again soon. You never know what you are going to find!