Daryl Dixon Wig

daryl dixon wig
  1. High Temperature Silk
  2. A wig + A wig cap + Xcoser offical keychain
  3. Head circumference is approx 56cm
  4. Adjust hooks inside cap to fit More…
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Daryl Dixon Wig
Daryl Dixon Wig

Daryl Dixon Wig Description

Add a sleek and stylish finishing touch to your Walking Dead cosplay with this authentic XCOSER Daryl Dixon Wig! Regardless of whether you plan to cosplay as Season 1 or 2 Daryl in a sleeveless work shirt and combat boots, Season 3 Daryl complete with a fetching horse blanket poncho, or if you intend to emulate Daryl’s angel wings vest and leather biker jacket attire which have become his staple threads from Season 4 onwards, this dark brown XCOSER Daryl Dixon Wig will instantly imbue you with luscious locks that would give Norman Reedus himself a run for his money!

One of the main benefits of this XCOSER Daryl Dixon Wig is the fact that its high temperature silk hair fibres can be washed gently in cold water should you wish to customise your Daryl Dixon cosplays with some hair gel or fake zombie blood. All you have to do is brush your XCOSER Daryl Dixon wig into Daryl’s iconic ‘just out of bed’ style, grab your trusty crossbow and biker boots, and in no time at all you’ll be channelling your inner Daryl Dixon at your next cosplay event or zombie-themed party.

Manufactured from high temperature silk, this XCOSER Daryl Dixon Wig is soft to the touch and has perfectly captured Daryl’s carefree zombie hunter hairstyle. What’s more, the head circumference of this XCOSER Daryl Dixon Wig measures 56cm so it will suit Walking Dead enthusiasts of all skull shapes and sizes without having to resort to cumbersome hair pins or tape. Simply adjust the hooks inside the wig cap so that your XCOSER Daryl Dixon Wig fits comfortably onto your head and you will be ready to take any Walker Stalker convention, Halloween party or cosplay event by storm. Walkers beware!

Daryl Dixon Wig Verdict

If you watch AMC’s The Walking Dead TV series then you’ll be well aware that Daryl Dixon’s distinctive hairstyle is an intrinsic part of his overall look; second only to his iconic crossbow! As such, this dark brown XCOSER Daryl Dixon Wig serves as an affordable and instant solution for any die-hard Daryl Dixon enthusiast eager to cosplay their favourite Walking Dead character. Cost-effective, comfortable and constructed from high temperature silk, you can rest assured that this durable XCOSER Daryl Dixon Wig will retain its effortless zombie hunter style throughout any cosplay event, Halloween party or zombie experience day.

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  • Daryl Dixon Wig
  • Daryl Dixon Wig
  • Daryl Dixon Wig
  • Daryl Dixon Wig
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