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Daryl Dixon Wings Zombie Messenger Bag

zombie messengerIf you’re a diehard Daryl Dixon and Walking Dead fan then you’ll love this Daryl Dixon Wings Messenger Bag. Manufactured from a durable and dependable washed canvas material and finished with some faux leather side laces, tartan interior detailing and a military print style strap, this stylish zombie messenger bag is ideal for carrying all your office supplies, school books, or maybe even some zombie survival gear.

Measuring 17 inches long and 12.5 inches tall, and been fitted with several spacious interior pockets, each of these high quality Daryl Dixon Wings Messenger Bags has been finished with a pair of angel wings as seen on Daryl’s black leather vest throughout AMC’s post-apocalyptic TV saga The Walking Dead. Given that Daryl’s angel wings leather vest is almost as iconic as his trusty crossbow, this stylish zombie messenger bag would serve as an ideal gift for a fellow Daryl Dixon fan or Walker Stalker enthusiast.

Whether you invest in this zombie messenger bag for yourself or a friend, you can rest assured that it will inject some living dead style into any outfit. Take it to work, use it for school, or simply carry it with you on your travels so that you’ll always be prepared should zombies strike!


This zombie messenger bag is spacious, highly durable and super stylish; a must have accessory for Daryl Dixon fans! Due to its washed canvas composition and handy interior pockets, investing in this Daryl Dixon Angel Wings Messenger Bag will equip you with a dependable zombie messenger bag that will stand the test of time.
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