Easy Zombie Makeup Tutorial

easy zombie makeup
Wishing to refine your zombie makeup skills? Maybe you are planning a living undead party and just need some helpful zombie Halloween makeup tips. Perhaps you are looking for a zombie makeup tutorial in order to add the finishing touches to your Walking Dead cosplay attire. The basic Zombie look is not difficult to achieve if you follow our top ZombiePit tips on how to quickly and easily do your own zombie makeup. If you want to take it a stage further and scare the wits out of everyone you meet, we can help with that too!

Essential zombie make-up supplies

To achieve the look outlined in this zombie makeup tutorial we recommend that you stock up on the following zombie make-up supplies:

  1. Makeup sponges and brushes
  2. Light coloured foundation (although you can also use non-shiny pale face powder or white face paint to achieve the same look)
  3. Matte black eye shadow
  4. Black eyeliner (ideally pencil eyeliner is better for shading but you can also use liquid eyeliner if you wish)
  5. Bruise Wheel, or Colored eye shadows and eyeliner (dark red, purple and black)
  6. Stage blood
  7. Water soluble red paint
  8. A plain white shirt
  9. Black nail varnish
  10. Dark coloured foundation
  11. Moisturiser
  12. Optional: either black trousers or a black skirt, black hair spray, coloured contact lenses

How to create the zombie look in 9 simple steps

  1. The first stage of creating your living undead look is to make your face appear as pale as possible. You can do so by applying your light-coloured foundation, pale non-shiny face powder or white face paint across your entire face, neck and any other areas that will be exposed by your outfit. Also make sure that you apply this foundation over your lips to make them appear suitably lifeless!
  • Once you have created your deathly pale complexion you can begin to use your bruise wheel or black eye shadow to grant your face the gaunt, skeletal look that zombies wear so well. Draw a straight line under your cheekbone towards your jaw line and shade in this area using darker colors, purple and black are good for this.
  • Emphasise the contours of your face in the same way by shading around your nostrils, along your nose, temples and hairline. Blend purple and black from the bruise wheel to create an overall battered and bruised look.
  • highlight the contrasting areas with a lighter color.
  • You can now use black to apply similar shading in the areas above and below your eyes.
    If you intend to wear contact lenses it is advised you put them in at this stage before you begin to shade in around your eyes. White contacts are great to achieve a lifeless Zombie stare.
  • Shade in the area underneath your eyes in a ‘V’ shape to create the sunken eyes, undead look.
  • Blend red and black around your eyes and apply a thick layer of black eyeliner above and below your eyelids. This will emphasise the sunken eye look and bloodshot zombie stare.
  • When you have finished blending and are happy with your bruises, it’s time to get bloody! Apply some stage blood around your lips and feel free to smear some down your chin and around your neck to complete that ravenous, ‘just had lunch’ zombie style. Be sure to pick a product that is safe to use near mouth and eyes.
  • But wait, zombie makeup doesn’t stop with your face! You should also make sure that you back comb your hair and apply hair spray to finish. If you wish you can also rub some of the stage blood or water soluble red paint into your hair and add black hair spray to create the impression that you have just crawled out of a grave!
  • To further accentuate this ‘crawled out of a grave’ style you can mix dark coloured foundation with moisturiser and rub it into your hands; paying close attention to your knuckles and fingernails as you do so. Finish by painting your nails with black nail varnish for a show-stopping living undead manicure.
  • Once you have finished applying this zombie makeup it is time to prepare your outfit. Simply tear the edges (either with your newly finished zombie hands or with a pair of scissors) and cover this white shirt in dabs of stage blood or red paint. Pair with either torn black trousers or a black skirt and you’re finished! All you have to do now is begin working on your staple zombie groan and living undead walk and you will be ready to terrorise any mere mortals who dare to cross your path!

Zombie Makeup Demonstration

For a practical demonstration on how to apply Zombie Makeup, the following video is a great example of how you can achieve a professional scary look in a short space of time. If you have time before your event, we recommend you practice once or twice.

“Zombie Makeup Tutorial” ~ Tess Christine


If you would like to know more about how to achieve the gaping wound, torn flesh look we all know and love then check out our Zombie Makeup Tutorial for a step by step guide on how to achieve an amazing wounded zombie look.
For more inspiration catch the makeup documentary from Warm Bodies. This video takes you behind the scenes to see how makeup experts prepared Nicholas Hoult for his role as ‘R’, Rob Corddry as ‘M’ as well as the hordes of zombie support artistes.

Warm Bodies ~ Zombie Makeup
Icon Films Austrialia

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