Daryl Dixon Vest and Jacket

daryl dixon vest and jacket

Daryl Dixon Vest and Jacket Description

daryl dixon vest and jacketIf you have been searching for your very own Daryl Dixon costume then look no further. We have the ideal combination of ready made Jacket and Vest top, complete with the iconic biker wings motif on the back. This set comes ready made, so there is no need to get out the glue gun, sewing kit, or search the internet for hours looking for a pair of stick-on biker wings just like Daryl’s. Forget home-made on this occasion, you can receive this instant Daryl outfit through the post in a matter of days and be all ready for the party, comic convention, or the inevitable zombie apocalypse.
This set comes in two pieces in a combination of artificial leather, cotton and polyester. The jacket has a light coloured body and long leather-look sleeves which have a zipper fastening at the bottom. The leather -look vest carries the iconic biker wings motif on the back and fits comfortably over the shirt.
What makes this ensemble look more authentic than other leather, or leather-look vests that are on the market, is that the wings have been applied high on the shoulder, which is in keeping with the original outfit worn by Daryl Dixon. With some tired jeans, dark coloured boots and obligatory messed up hair you will look just like Daryl’s twin. Throw in a cross bow and it will be hard to tell you apart!

  1. 30% artificial leather/ 60% cotton/ 10% polyester
  2. Imported
  3. Include: one jacket and one vest
  4. Lining fabric of vest: Polyester Taffeta; Vest: high-quality artificial leather
  5. Ideal for Halloween, Mardi Gras, theatrical productions, dress up days and year round costume parties

Daryl Dixon Vest and Jacket Verdict

Excellent two piece costume for Daryl Dixon of The Walking Dead. Authentic-looking, reasonable price for an outfit that instantly turns an avid fan into a real life zombie slayer. Suitable for costume parties, comic conventions or any time you need a Daryl moment.

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  • Daryl Dixon Vest
  • Daryl Dixon Vest
  • Daryl Dixon Vest
  • Daryl Dixon Vest
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