Zombie Christmas Carol

zombie christmas carol
  1. Author: Jim McCann
  2. A Twist on A Christmas Tale
  3. Zombie Plague threatens all
  4. Scrooge’s Christmas Spirit is the antidote More…
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Zombie Christmas Carol
Zombie Christmas Carol

Author : Jim McCann, Charles Dickens
Illustrators : David Baldeon, Jeremy Treece

Zombie Christmas Carol

The story A Christmas Carol was written by Charles Dickens and first published on 19th December 1843. Few people are unfamiliar with the Christmas tale of the miser Ebenezer Scrooge and his overnight conversion from penny pinching recluse to magnanimous benefactor.

When the ghost of Scrooge’s partner, Jacob Marley, visits Scrooge and forewarns that he must mend his miserly ways or face eternal damnation, Scrooge is dismissive and unbelieving. That night he is visited by three spectres: the ghosts of Christmas past, present and future, who reveal to Scrooge the impact of his behaviour on those around him. The horror and fear he experiences in reaction to the scenarios he witnesses convince Scrooge he must reform and he wakes with a fresh outlook on life and a determination to make amends.

A Christmas Carol is a magical tale which has fascinated and enthralled audiences for years, not just in the original literary form but in film, musical and parodies such as Bill Murray’s “Scrooged“.

Now Marvel Zombies Christmas Carol presents a twist on the original tale that tells a wider story of those original events that shows how zombies played a pivotal role in the tale. Sticking closely to the original plot by Charles Dickens, Eisner Award-winning writer, Jim McCann reveals how it is not just Ebenezer’s future that is in jeopardy but the whole of mankind. London is in the grip of a plague known as “the Hungry Death”, “a disease that can be spread by a scratch or a bite and fills its ‘undead’ victims with a hunger that cannot be satisfied. If Ebenezer cannot find his Christmas Spirit the zombie plague will take over and there will be no more Christmases for anyone to celebrate.

The illustrations by David Baldeon and Jeremy Treece are a treat to behold, bringing this zombie version of a classic tale to life. The horror element adds an exciting dimension to the original story which will fascinate and entertain those who appreciate the zombie genre or graphic novels. Even those who do not usually subscribe to graphic novels are likely to enjoy the fine artwork and find amusement in this interesting zombie twist. If you would like to see some examples of the art work check out this very helpful Zombies Christmas Carol Review.

Zombie Christmas Carol Verdict

This is a delightful zombie twist on a classic tale that will engage and entertain those who enjoy the zombie genre. The tale adheres to the original plot but the zombie additions leave no doubt that this is a zombie graphic novel aimed at the adult. The illustrations are a delight.

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  • Zombie Christmas Carol
  • Zombie Christmas Carol
  • Zombie Christmas Carol
  • Zombie Christmas Carol
  • Zombie Christmas Carol
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