Zombie Combat Manual

  1. Author: Roger Ma
  2. Comprehensive Guide
  3. Learn to fight the undead
  4. Zombie Combat Veterans Accounts
  5. Hand to hand combat tips
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The Zombie Combat Manual: A Guide to Fighting the Living Dead

The key to surviving a zombie apocalypse is to have a well thought out plan. For example, find a safe place, stock it with food and water, stay there until things improve. If only it were that simple.


Whether your plan is to make a bunker in the attic, flee to the wide open spaces or hold up in a Beverley Hills mansion, at some point you are likely to be confronted by zombies and have to fight to survive.

Prepare in Advance

Importantly, this is one aspect of survival training for which you can prepare in advance. Learn the art of survival now and it will stand you in good stead in the future, whether it is a zombie apocalypse, global pandemic, geographical disaster or even that weekend camping trip with the in-laws.

zombie combat manual

Comprehensive Guide

The Zombie Combat Manual is your comprehensive guide to becoming competent in the art of defence against a zombie attack. It contains a wealth of invaluable information that will appeal to both the seasoned fighter and the novice.

Zombie Combat Club

This invaluable instruction manual has been put together by Roger Ma who as well as being a writer is also the founder of the Zombie Combat Club, a civilian organisation dedicated to providing accurate training and information about fighting the undead. Roger Ma is also a Team Chief for a Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) in New York, who are ready to step in and assist in the event of a city emergency, including a Zombie outbreak.

Detailed Illustrations

By studying the accounts of zombie combat veterans contained within this manual you will learn the necessary skills required to face a zombie and walk away intact. Packed with invaluable advice and detailed illustrations, this manual will be an invaluable asset in learning how to defend yourself against a zombie and feeling confident in your skills.

Video Demonstration

The short Combat Demonstration Video at the top of this page is an excellent example of the kind of information contained within the book. This video takes you through a simple zombie attack scenario. The instructor, Roger Ma, who is also the author of the Zombie Combat Manual, identifies the key danger points in a simple one to one attack scenario and how to counter the zombie attack.

Combat Scenario

For example, an attacking zombie will bite at their first opportunity. The first thing you should do therefore is attack to the throat, holding their head in locked position to avoid a bite. This leaves your other hand free to strike the zombie, preferably piercing their brain with whatever weapon you have available.

How to beat a zombie

You will find that this combat manual demonstrates that strength is not the most important factor when facing a zombie. Knowledge and the application of that knowledge are the most important factors in overcoming a zombie.


This Zombie Combat Manual has been reviewed by numerous combat experts who thoroughly endorse it’s contents, stressing the importanceof unarmed combat skills. In a zombie apocalypse a gun is of no use if you have run out of bullets.

A weapon that you carry may not be in easy reach when a zombie strikes, or worse, can be used against the carrier. By acquiring the unarmed combat skills revealed in this manual you can make a weapon of your own body!

As a practitioner of martial arts, and a former US Army Ranger, I cannot stress enough how important empty-hand fighting is…There are many survival books out there on how to deal with the living dead and then there’s this one. Roger Ma’s book should be on the short list of handy manuals to take with you to the zombie apocalypse.

Don Roff, author of Zombies: A Record of the Year of Infection.

General Self-defence

This Zombie Combat Manual is more than just an instruction book for conquering zombies. The author Roger Ma combines his practical approach to self-defence with a healthy balance of humour which makes for a delightful read that is both instructional and most entertaining.

Zombie Combat Manual Verdict

If you want to survive the zombie apocalypse this book is ideal for learning combat skills that will help keep you alive. It is packed with practical information on how to win in a confrontation against a zombie, demonstrating how knowledge is more important than strength when confronting the undead. The book is well illustrated, informative, humourous and engaging. An essential weapon in your arsenal for surviving the zombie apocalypse!

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  • Zombie Combat Manual
  • Zombie Combat Manual
  • Zombie Combat Manual
  • Zombie Combat Manual
  • Zombie Combat Manual
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