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Walking Dead Bag Description

Versatile black shoulder AMC Walking Dead bag in a messenger style, featuring some of your favourite Walking Dead characters: Rick Grimes, Daryl Dixon and Michonne. There bag has a large central zipped compartment, lots of pockets and zips, internal and external. Great for the Walking Dead enthusiastic, suitable for a number of tasks. Would make a good school bag for all those books and pens and phones, excellent baby holdall and is even versatile enough to use as a weekend away bag.
Bag Dimensions: 18cm Height x 48cm Length x 28cm Width
Volume: 25 litres
Weight: 700 Grams
Shell Type: Soft
Special Features : Shoulder Strap, Zip Closure

Walking Dead Bag Verdict

This trendy shoulder bag is a practical must for Walking Dead fans. Lots of useful pockets, compartments and zips making it ideal as a school bag, weekend bag, or versatile hold-all for all your zombie apocalypse needs. As we have little feedback from customers we are going to rate this low for now, but watch this space. We think this bag is going to be a firm favourite for those wanting a trendy, practical bag. So watch this space for an update on the rating as soon as that feedback comes rolling in!

Zombie Rating

  • walking dead bag
  • walking dead bag
  • walking dead bag
  • walking dead bag
  • walking dead bag
View on Amazon.co.uk walking dead bag

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