Zombie Wallet

zombie wallet
  1. Measures 4.6 inches x 4.5 inches x 1.1 inches
  2. Quality faux brown leather
  3. Faux black leather embellishments
  4. Vivid zombie bloodstains More…
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Zombie Wallet Description

Are you a diehard zombie enthusiast searching for some awesome accessories that will reflect your zombie hunting prowess? Or have you been looking for a sleek and stylish zombie-themed birthday present or Valentine’s Day Gift for a fellow living dead fan? Either way, you have to check out this BBTradesales Zombiewal Zombie Wallet! With this trusty faux leather wallet in your pocket, you can rest assured that you’ll have cash in hand ready to trade for supplies, shotguns and shells should the apocalypse strike. After all, no one wants to be strapped for cash during the zombie apocalypse!

Each of these weather resilient BBTradesales Zombiewal Zombie Wallets measures 11.8cm by 11.6cm by 2.8cm (4.6 inches x 4.5 inches x 1.1 inches) and has been crafted from a high quality, durable faux brown leather material that has been stylishly splattered with some zombie bloodstains and meticulously adorned with protruding stitch detailing. zombie walletMoreover, the reverse of every BBTradesales Zombiewal Zombie Wallet has been branded with spooky silhouettes of marauding zombies with bloodied strikes cast through them, so you can keep track of your zombie slays on the move. Looks like you’ve got four already!

Open up this luxurious living dead wallet and you will find a clear pocket within which rests your very own Zombie Hunter license. Each BBTradesales Zombiewal Zombie Wallet has also been fitted with a convenient coin compartment so that you won’t have to waste any time retrieving some cash whilst you’re fending off impending hordes of flesh-craving zombies.

Zombie Wallet Verdict

Intricately crafted from a distressed faux brown leather which has been accented with a series of stylish faux black leather embellishments and vivid zombie bloodstains, this BBTradesales Zombiewal Zombie Wallet is a must-have accessory for any diehard zombie hunting enthusiast! What’s more, if you have been captivated by this BB Tradesales Zombiewal Zombie Wallet and would like to discover even more exciting living dead accessories for yourself, or for a fellow zombie hunter, then why not check out our Zombie Pit Accessories Section online today for a whole range of zombie wallets, zombie bags and zombie shoes that will make you stand out from the crowd? From our biohazard emblazoned Zombie Response Team Wallet to our branded Walking Dead Wallets and spooky zombie charcoal wallet for the Ladies, with just a few quick clicks you can equip yourself with all manner of stylish accessories that will resolve your post-apocalyptic money problems!

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