Rick Grimes Sheriff Bags

Rick Grimes Sheriff Back Pack

Rick Girmes Sheriff Bag
  1. Inspired by Sheriff Rick Grimes
  2. Faux Leather & Canvas
  3. Padded Pocket for 12″ laptop
  4. King County Sheriff Badge Replica
  5. Emrbroidered Sheriff Badge
  6. Backpack or Side Tote
  7. 15″ H x 14″ W
  8. Black or Brown
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Rick Grimes Sheriff Back Pack

In the most popular TV drama of all time, The Walking Dead, Rick Grimes is the main protagonist and one of the most beloved characters. We see him acting out his duties as King County Sheriff Rick Grimes for only a short while in the first episode until he is unceremoniously shot. By the time he wakes up in the hospital, alone, confused and still suffering from his wounds, the world as he knows it has changed.

Rick Grimes Sheriff Bag

Sheriff Rick Grimes

Rick deals with the changes that have been thrust upon him in the only way he knows how. In his smart sheriff uniform, he suits up, tools up and heads on out ready to enforce law and restore order on his way to find his family. Tough times lie ahead for Rick but throughout all his struggles, his training and skills as Sheriff Rick Grimes are invaluable to both his own survival and the survival of those around him who looked to him as their leader.

Rick Grimes Personality

First and foremost, Rick is introduced as an assertive King County Sheriff who is loyal, a natural leader and a family man. Within the confines of the uniform he wears, he performs his duties cautiously, effectively and in an exemplary manner. He is a credit to the office he serves. When the laws of society breakdown, Rick is forced to put the uniform aside and explore his own boundaries of survival and what needs to be done.

walking dead bag rick grimes


Throughout his trials and tribulations, the core personality traits of Rick Grimes remain intact. But the world in which he finds himself is in absence of law and order where there are no rules, no enforcement and no-one coming to the rescue.

The extra mile Rick has to go to protect himself and those he loves was always in there buried deep; dormant, undiscovered, unacknowledged. In a world without boundaries, where survival is the task of the day, Rick Grimes rises to the challenge. He is still loyal, a natural leader and a family man. Just don’t mess with him.

Inspired by Rick

Walking Dead fans share a love and respect for the man who still lives by a code when all around are prepared to foresake qualities of decency and respect in return for living another day. Now you have the opportunity to own a unique backpack that has been inspired by the larger than life character of Rick Grimes. Along with being a practical accessory, it’s design and decoration are synonymous with the character of Rick Grimes.

Packing the Essentials

In a world where travelling light with the essentials is paramount to your survival, a durable, practical backpack would be invaluable. The creators of this iconic bag have taken the badges and color scheme of Sheriff Rick Grime’s uniform, combined it with the practical demands of survival on the go, and produced an incredible bag that is sure to be the envy of any Rick Grime’s fan.

Rick Grimes Bag

Grab it while you can

In Rick’s world where tomorrow means uncertainty, the best time to acquire something is when you see it. Likewise, if you want one of these bags, don’t let the grass grow. They are sure to become collector’s items. With the advent of the Rick Grime’s Movies, anything ‘Rick Grimes’ will be sought after. You have been warned!

Favorite Features

King County Sheriff Badge

On the front flap you will find The King County Sheriff Badge which is a great replica and instantly associates the bag with Rick Girmes. Every detail of the badge is beautifully recreated highlighting the eagle insignia and the scrolls indicating “King County Sheriff“.

King County Sheriff Patch

You will find an embroidered sheriff patch on the side of the bag, just like the patch Rick wears on his uniform shirt sleeves. This is an authentic looking replica and immediately associates the backpack with Sheriff Rick Grimes.

Practical and Versatile

Not only is this bag an inspiration to fans of Rick Grimes, it is also well made and very practical. At 15 inches high and 14 inches wide it is compact enough to be easy to carry and large enough to hold all your necessaries. Pre-zombie apocalypse, this bag could be invaluable as a carry all, student bag, day-out backpack on any number of occasions. When the zombie apocalypse eventually breaks, your Rick Grimes alter ego will have some great ideas about what essentials you are going to need to pack in that bag!


Inspired by Rick Grimes

This bag is inspired by the character of Sheriff Rick Grimes in the Walking Dead. Measuring a practical 15 inches high by 14 inches wide, this bag is canvas with faux leather trimmings. It has two front pockets, a padded pocket that fits up to a 12-inch tablet, adjustable backpack straps and two short carry handles.

Pockets and Prints

The outer flap closure is faux leather, the two front pockets have leather flaps secured with poppers and there is a small carry handle that is faux leather. You will find the inner pocket has a drawstring closure and is decorated all over with Rick Grimes inspired symbols. These include his sheriff hat, Walking Dead logo, bloody handprints etc…

Walking Dead Badges

On the faux leather outer closure flap you will find a replica of the King County Sheriff Badge. One side of the canvas section is embellished with an embroidered King County Sheriff Patch and on one front pocket you will find the faux leather AMC Walking Dead logo.

Backpack or Tote

This Walking Dead Bag can be used either as a backpack or can be carried as a tote. The backpack straps are adjustable and there are two short straps at the top, one is faux leather the other is strong webbing. It is available in either black or brown.


For any fan of The Walking Dead, moreover, Rick Grimes, this bag is a must have. The King County sheriff badge on the flap, the sheriff patch on the side and the Walking Dead logo on the front, immediately identify it as Rick Grimes and make it highly desirable. Add to that, it is a practical, attractive well made bag and this is an easy choice for Walking Dead fans.

Walking Dead Gifts

This bag is an ispiration of the characterstics of Rick Grimes in his role as Sheriff Rick Grimes. If you are searching for a gift for a Rick Grimes fan, this Walking Dead Bag would certainly make their day. For Christmas, birthday, Valentines day or any day in between, it is sure to be a hit.

It calls to you

If you are a fan of The Walking Dead, you are sure to love owning this bag. With the advent of the Rick Grime’s movies, wouldn’t it be cool to turn up at the cinema with all your Walking Dead Movie essentials packed inside? Watch out for those walkers though, they’ll take anything if it’s not nailed down!

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  • Rick Grimes Sheriff Bag
  • Rick Grimes Sheriff Bag
  • Rick Grimes Sheriff Bag
  • Rick Grimes Sheriff Bag
  • Rick Grimes Sheriff Bag
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Rick Grimes Sheriff Duffel Bag

rick grimes duffel bag
  1. Officially Licensed
  2. Walking Dead Logo
  3. Measures 12″ H x 24″ W x 10″ D
  4. Suitable for gym or travel
  5. Sheriff & Grimes Patches
  6. Adjustable removable strap
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Rick Grimes Sheriff Bag

In Season One of AMC’s The Walking Dead, when Rick Grimes wakes from a coma to discover the world has been overrun by Walkers, he does the most sensible thing a sheriff can do; he visits the armoury at the King’s County Sheriff Department and fills his Sheriff Duffel Bag with as many shotguns, rifles, hand guns and ammunition he can find.

The Contents of Rick Grime’s Bag

Mostly Rick uses the guns for the defence of his own group, although some weapons were given to the people in the nursing home in “Vatos”. The bag is seen throughout season 1 and also in seasons 2 and 3.

    This is what Rick’s bag contained at the start:

  1. Six Shotguns
  2. Two high-powered rifles
  3. Several handguns including Glocks
  4. Mossberg and Remington shotguns
  5. Smith and Wesson revolvers
  6. and a large quantity of ammunition for the various guns.

Here is a sheriff who knows how to shop!

Get your own Rick Grimes Sheriff Bag

walking dead sheriff bagWell, now there is a new sheriff in town, and it could be you!


Here we have a replica of Rick Grimes Sheriff Duffel Bag which has been constructed to a high standard to withstand the rigours required of a sheriff bag during a zombie apocalypse!

Authentically embellished with the yellow “Sheriff” logo, at 24 inches long and 12 inches wide by 10 inches deep, it is a generous size and designed to carry any number of items.

Versatile Hold All

The bag is a quality carry all manufactured from a durable fabric that makes it versatile for any number of tasks. It has a wide shoulder strap for comfort and also has short handles for convenience. Inside you will find an identification card which is a nice Walking Dead touch.

Until the Zombie Apocalypse

It isn’t hard to imagine yourself as Rick Grimes walking along that road in Sheriff uniform, gas refill can in one hand, a shot gun holstered on his back and his sheriff bag full of weapons in the other hand. While you are waiting for the apocalypse to arrive however, this Rick Grimes Sheriff Bag would make a great carry all or weekend bag and is an absolute treasure for any fan of The Walking Dead. It’s a practical versatile bag which would be excellent as a gym bag, for college, for stashing all sorts of nick nacks including emergency supplies for a zombie apocalypse.

Rick Grimes Sheriff Bag Verdict

This quality, sturdy Rick Grimes Sheriff bag is a practical carry all with any number of uses. It would be great as a gym bag, weekend bag, college or school bag, or even for packing up supplies in anticipation of the zombie apocalypse.

Impressive Replica

Any fan of The Walking Dead would be thrilled to own this bag as it is an impressive replica of that used by Rick Grimes to carry a large arsenal of weapons. This would make a great gift for Christmas, birthday or to prepare for the inevitable zombie apocalypse.

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  • Rick Grimes Sheriff Bag
  • Rick Grimes Sheriff Bag
  • Rick Grimes Sheriff Bag
  • Rick Grimes Sheriff Bag
  • Rick Grimes Sheriff Bag
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