Rick Grimes Sheriff Bag

rick grimes duffel bag
  1. Officially Licensed
  2. Walking Dead Logo
  3. Measures 12″ H x 24″ W x 10″ D
  4. Suitable for gym or travel
  5. Sheriff & Grimes Patches
  6. Adjustable removable strap More…
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Rick Grimes Sheriff Bag

In Season One of AMC’s The Walking Dead, when Rick Grimes wakes from a coma to discover the world has been overrun by Walkers, he does the most sensible thing a sheriff can do; he visits the armoury at the King’s County Sheriff Department and fills his Sheriff Duffel Bag with as many shotguns, rifles, hand guns and ammunition he can find.

The Contents of Rick Grime’s Bag

Mostly Rick uses the guns for the defence of his own group, although some weapons were given to the people in the nursing home in “Vatos”. The bag is seen throughout season 1 and also in seasons 2 and 3.

    This is what Rick’s bag contained at the start:

  1. Six Shotguns
  2. Two high-powered rifles
  3. Several handguns including Glocks
  4. Mossberg and Remington shotguns
  5. Smith and Wesson revolvers
  6. and a large quantity of ammunition for the various guns.

Here is a sheriff who knows how to shop!

Get your own Rick Grimes Sheriff Bag

walking dead sheriff bagWell, now there is a new sheriff in town, and it could be you!


Here we have a replica of Rick Grimes Sheriff Duffel Bag which has been constructed to a high standard to withstand the rigours required of a sheriff bag during a zombie apocalypse!

Authentically embellished with the yellow “Sheriff” logo, at 24 inches long and 12 inches wide by 10 inches deep, it is a generous size and designed to carry any number of items.

Versatile Hold All

The bag is a quality carry all manufactured from a durable fabric that makes it versatile for any number of tasks. It has a wide shoulder strap for comfort and also has short handles for convenience. Inside you will find an identification card which is a nice Walking Dead touch.

Until the Zombie Apocalypse

It isn’t hard to imagine yourself as Rick Grimes walking along that road in Sheriff uniform, gas refill can in one hand, a shot gun holstered on his back and his sheriff bag full of weapons in the other hand. While you are waiting for the apocalypse to arrive however, this Rick Grimes Sheriff Bag would make a great carry all or weekend bag and is an absolute treasure for any fan of The Walking Dead. It’s a practical versatile bag which would be excellent as a gym bag, for college, for stashing all sorts of nick nacks including emergency supplies for a zombie apocalypse.

Rick Grimes Sheriff Bag Verdict

This quality, sturdy Rick Grimes Sheriff bag is a practical carry all with any number of uses. It would be great as a gym bag, weekend bag, college or school bag, or even for packing up supplies in anticipation of the zombie apocalypse.

Impressive Replica

Any fan of The Walking Dead would be thrilled to own this bag as it is an impressive replica of that used by Rick Grimes to carry a large arsenal of weapons. This would make a great gift for Christmas, birthday or to prepare for the inevitable zombie apocalypse.

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  • Rick Grimes Sheriff Bag
  • Rick Grimes Sheriff Bag
  • Rick Grimes Sheriff Bag
  • Rick Grimes Sheriff Bag
  • Rick Grimes Sheriff Bag
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