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This great song from Natalia Kills dabbles with the concept of a girl in love with a zombie, much like the story of R and Julie in Warm Bodies. Click the Video Button Link to enjoy a merger of the two.

Zombie Party

halloween music

South Korean group SPEED definitely know how to party like a zombie. Play this on Halloween to get all the boys and ghouls at your party up and rockin.

Zombie Jamboree

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There are many versions of ‘Zombie Jamboree’ out there but we at ZombiePit think this is the best. These guys are singing accapella and the glorious harmonies they generate without any instrumental backup is a treat to witness. For more accapella from Rockapella check out their album.

Re- Your Brains

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Re- Your Brains is an excellent example of a mellodic song that is also very funny. Even when the office workers become zombies, they still feel compelled to function within the constraints of the corporate environment. They have board meetings with visual aids and diagrams to discuss their zombie takeover. Sitting at switched off computers, the clerical staff send fake emails and make fake phone calls to ‘send more brains’.

We see the zombie manager trying to negotiate an un-hostile takeover of the brains belonging to the sole survivor, who has self-isolated in an office. It’s a great, funny song and the music video really does it justice. You’ll enjoy this one and find yourself humming it right up to the real zombie apocalypse.

Zombie Love Song

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The course of true love is seldom smooth, especially when you are a zombie with stalking tendencies. There are two messages in this catchy zombie song set to a charming video. Firstly, when you haven’t met your intended and he tells you on-line that he is a zombie, he may not be joking. Secondly, it can still have a sort of happy ending, but only if he doesn’t eat your brains and you are cool with joining the undead.


halloween music

This is a great song from Lady Gaga with a compelling beat that makes it hard to sit still. Along with being about a ‘monster’ of a boy friend, it has earned a zombie association because of the hillarious Hillywood spoof parody ‘Warm Bodies’ video.

I Love the Nightlife

halloween music

On its own, this is a glorious song from the days of disco which has stood the test of time. It became synonymous with Dracula when it was featured in the hit movie “Love At First Bite” starring George Hamilton as Dracula and Susan St James as his eternal love, Sindy Sondheim. The DVD of this movie often features a different song for this dance sequence for copyright reasons. Nothing is ever going to compare to this original version; it fits the mood of the movie and the dance, perfectly.

In Love At First Bite, George Hamilton does an excellent job of portraying Dracula with conviction, authority and a healthy serving of humour. Susan St James beautifully captures Sindy’s independent nature and unwavering self confidence until she is totally overwhelmed by Dracula’s irresistible charms.

Click the video button to see the clip from the movie where Dracula and Sindy first meet and Dracula invites her onto the dance floor. This song is an essential part of the dance between these two lost souls which neatly captures the essence of the movie. That is, Dracula is eternal, mysterious and predatory. Sindy has money and success yet is still unsatisfied. Dracula sweeps her off her feet in a whirlwind romance destined to last a lifetime; and possibly longer.

Dracula is known for his snappy dress sense and impeccable style. If you like Dracula’s look and would like to replicate it, check out our Dracula Costume.

I Hear You Calling

halloween music

The lyrics in this song include the line : ‘I hear you calling, calling for me out in the night But it’s all bad and I know that’. He really has no ideal just how bad it is. The music video which accompanies this catchy song pits a zombie team of football players against some normies while a gaggle of zombie cheerleaders do what they do best. We’re not sure what the end score was, but it all went south when the zombie goalie lost his head.

Dancing With Myself

halloween music

This is another great song from Billy Idol. The music video that accompanies this song shows Billy on top of a high building with a bunch of zombies trying to scale the heights to get to him. We witness some great dance moves from the zombies who, by the way, have incredible dress sense. Play this at your Halloween bash and all the cool zombies will be up and dancing.

Carry On Wayward Son

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Carry On Wayward Son by Kansas has become synonymous with the TV show, Supernatural. Although some fans may have only discovered Kansas thanks to Supernatural, the actors in the show were already famliar, before the show was created. In fact Jensen Ackles has been noted as saying “You guys [Kansas] have been a soundtrack to my life,” Spooky eh?

Don’t Stop Me Now

halloween music

Any song by Queen and featuring the immortal voice of Freddie Mercury, is always a welcome treat. Freddie’s incredible singing voice and peerless ability to perform a song, stops us in our tracks and commands our attention the moment he hits the first note.

In this instance, we have included ‘Don’t Stop me Now‘ in our Halloween Music list because it features in an unforgettable scene in the hit zombie movie: ‘Shaun of the Dead’. Picture the scene: our intrepid survivors have set up camp in the Winchester, waiting for the zombie apocalypse to blow over. When the zombified landlord ‘John‘ puts in an appearance just at the moment the random select on the juke box starts to play ‘Don’t Stop Me Now‘, the ensuing battle of ‘zombie meets pool cues, fire extinguisher and pub darts, is compelling viewing.

And dogs can look up.

The Phantom of the Opera

halloween music

Andrew LLoyd Weber’s Phantom of the Opera is a glorious combination of opera meets rock, based on a story penned by Gaston Leroux. The story tells the tale of a disfigured ‘opera ghost’, who lives beneath the Paris opera house and terrorises the managers and performers with death threats. He channels his genius as a composer and musician to promote a young opera singer named Christine. Seemingly hypnotised by the phantom, Christine obeys his every command. She wants to be a famous opera singer. He is planning a marriage.

This is the title song, a duet between the phantom and Christine and would be a wonderful song to inspire a goth, operatic theme for your Halloween party or romantic goth soiree.

Phantom of the opera is an historical mixture of classical music, romance, pain, death and unconditional love. It is easy to imagine Gomez and Morticia Addams sitting in the front row lapping it all up. Click the video button to savour a medly performance by the original stars of the hit London show, Michael Crawford and Sarah Brightman which was recorded at the 1988 Tony Awards.

Black Magic

halloween music

It’s hard to imagine those glamorous gals in Little Mix needing a Black Magic love potion to attract attention. What we do know is that this great hit is bound to work its magic at any Halloween bash to get those witches and warlocks on their feet and dancing up a storm.

Ghostbusters Theme

halloween music

Ghostbusters is one of those timeless films that is a treat for each new round of novice ghostbusters to discover. A strong part of that eternity is this iconic piece of music. The song was written and performed by Ray Parker Junior. As well as being nominated for an Oscar, the song became a global hit. This is an iconic piece of music and an excellent song to include in your Halloween Party list. Let’s face it, if you have any unwelcome ghosts or ghouls gatecrashing your party, just put this on, turn the volume up loud and start dialling.

The Monster Mash

halloween music

This song goes all the way back to 1962 when it was first recorded by Bobby ‘Boris’ Pickett and The Crypt Kickers. Many cover recordings have been made but like with so many songs, the original is the best. This song became a hit in 1962 when it was played at Halloween and has been a perennial hit with each Halloween ever since.

The origin of the song comes down to an impression of the famous horror actor Boris Karloff that Bobby was performing one night while singing with his band, The Cordials. The audience loved it so much, it inspired Bobby and fellow band member Lenny Capizzi to write The Monster Mash.

The song is narrated by a crazy scientist who witnesses his monster rise from his slab and start to dance his version of the well known ‘Mashed Potato’ dance which he dubs, The Monster Mash. The dance becomes a crazy hit after the scientist throws a party for all the other monsters. Among them are Dracula, Igor and The Wolfman. Pickett did more impersonations during the song of the various actors including a fine rendition of Bela Lugosi as Dracula asking ‘Whatever happened to my Transylvania Twist?

The song ends with the mad scientist inviting you, the living, to his monster mash Halloween Party at his castle. We’ll see you there.

The Addams Family Theme

halloween music

In 1964, longtime Hollywood film and television composer Vic Mizzy composed and arranged a theme tune to accompany The Addams Family TV show. Using the cast to add finger clicks as percussion was an inspired touch and adds to the overall creepiness. The song has been covered by many and re-arranged for a number of projects including The Simpsons Tree House of Horrors IV and VIII. This is the original version, as played in the Addams Family TV Show. Don’t mess with The Addams.

The Munsters Theme

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With The Addams Family having their own TV show, it was inevitable that The Munsters would get in on the act. The Munsters became equally adored by audiences who found the concept of their favorite ‘monsters’ living out ordinary domestic lives amusing, especially as the injection of monster culture usually made for hillarious consequences.

Composed and arranged by Jack Marshall, the tune that accompanied the Munsters TV show was a groovy instrumental that screamed 1960’s and still does. Bob Mosher, the co-producer, wrote some lyrics to go with the tune but these were never included. Well, brace yourselves Munster fans and click the video button to hear a rendition of the tune along with the lyrics.

It’s good to hear it with the words, but we’re going to go with the original instrumental. In the words of the immortal Austin Powers, ‘Groovy baby’.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

halloween music

Buffy the Vampire Slayer burst onto our screens dragging the concept of monsters and demons into the 20th century and compelling us to watch every week just to make sure the apocalypse had not arrived. The unmistakeable theme tune let everyone know they were in for something special.

With an etheral first few bars that gave a hint of mystery from beyond the grave, we were quickly thrust into a fast paced rock ensemble that set the pace of the show and our heart beats right through to the end credits.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer is a great show that will still be entertaining boils and ghouls in generations to come. It carries a great theme tune that is instantly recognisable. Put this on at your Halloween bash and watch the vampires rise and start dancing. Just make sure you have the slayer starter kit standing by; crosses, garlic and if you have one, Mr Pointy.

Doctor WHO Theme

halloween Music CD Vinyl

Much as the time-lord himself has gone through many manifestations over the years, so too has the theme tune arrangements. Here we have picked the one we regard as the best. We cannot promise you time travel per se, but this theme tune takes everyone back to the time of the Doctor WHO they liked the most, whatever the generation. This is a spooky piece of music that conjures up different emotions and images for different people but fear is usually in there somewhere. This is a great piece of music for a Halloween Party. Just don’t invite any Daleks. They’re mean when they’ve had a few.

Hangman Song

halloween music

The Hangman’s Song was written by Tyler Bates and is the theme tune for the hit movie Dawn of the Dead (2004). This movie was written by George A Romero and directed by Zack Snyder. It features a group of survivors who take refuge in a mega Midwestern shopping mall to avoid aggressive, flesh-eating zombies.

Watch the video to see the scene in the movie where our intrepid survivors are re-inforcing their armed escape vehicles when they decide they must leave the safety of the shopping mall. This song has a great beat and an excellent song to play at your Halloween soiree.

Voodoo Doll

halloween music

The music video that was released with this single was filmed in the style of a horror movie. Unfortunately, the graphic images contained in the video were regarded as too disturbing for audiences and the video and choreography were censored. Never fear, you can click the orange button to see the guys in a stage performance of Voodoo Dolls that is electrifying. This is a great song, wonderful dance number and playing this is a sure fire way to get people up and dancing at your Halloween party, no pins in dolls necessary.

For a dance performance with English translation Click Here

Pirates of the Carribean

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Pirates of the Caribbean, The Curse of the Black Pearl is a great movie and everyone loves the character of Captain Jack Sparrow, created by Johnny Depp. Captain Jack joined the ranks of the undead briefly when he palmed a gold cold from the treasure of Cortes, in order to outwit Captain Barbossa. Nevertheless, the irrespressible Captain Jack Sparrow was soon back to his human fleshy self, ready to ‘raid, pillage and plunder his weasely black guts out’ to his hearts content.

This tune is a rousing chorus that will go down a storm at Halloween, especially amongst the pirates!

Click the video button to see a surprise pirate appearance.

Walked With A Zombie

halloween music

I Walked with a Zombie by Wednesday 13 appears on the album Transyvania 90210. This song was inspired by the 1943 movie I Walked With A Zombie. At the time this movie was made, zombies were not thought of as undead but living beings under mind control. With its zombie connotations and compelling dance beat, this is a great song for Halloween.

Zombie Stomp

halloween music

Zombie Stomp appears on Ozzy Osbourne’s 1991 album entitled ‘No More Tears’. Ozzy’s has a wide audience appeal from those who have been fans from his Black Sabbath days to those who are just discovering his music today. Zombie Stomp is a lively, head-banging, shout-along anthem that will have rockers young and old on the floor and groovin’ with the dark prince of heavy metal. Rock and Roll Ozzy!

The Walking Dead Theme

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The Walking Dead theme is a haunting instrumental that accurately conveys the perenniel angst experienced by even the most resilient of our favourite characters. It would make a great backdrop for anyone making an entrance in a Rick Grimes Costume, Carl Grimes Costume, Daryl Dixon Costume, Michonne Costume, Ezekiel Costume or indeed as any of The Walking Dead characters.

If you have always thought the Walking Dead Theme would benefit from lyrics, you are not alone. Click the video link to view The Walking Dead theme tune with lyrics, written and performed by The Warp Zone.

Stop I’m Already Dead

halloween music

Stop, I’m Already Dead is the theme tune to the award winning TV show called iZombie. For a background on the story and characters, check out our iZombie Introduction. This song has a great rock beat and the zombie connotations make it an ideal choice on the dance floor of any Halloween soiree.

Zombies Ate Her Brains

halloween music

Zombies Ate her Brains is a fast paced, catchy song with charming lyrics and an addictive rock beat. It is typical of the music performed by Creepshow, a psychobilly band whose initial four members came together in 2004. The lead singer here is Jen “Hellcat” Blackwood who has an exceptional voice. Click the video button to view the very entertaining music video recorded to accompany this song.

When you watch the video you might notice Jen’s sister, Sarah Blackwood, sitting on a bench as zombie girl walks past. When Jen Blackwood left the band, sister Sarah took over as lead vocals and guitarist. You can see a live performance of the talented Sarah Blackwood singing this great song if you Click Here

Zombies Ate Her Brains features on Creepshow’s first album entitled Sell Your Soul. If you like Zombies Ate Her Brains and would like to hear more about Creepshow, check out Sell You Soul.

If I Were A Zombie

halloween music

Into every zombie life, a little brains must fall. So when someone declares that their zombie self would not eat your brains, that has to be love. It might be hard to imagine anyone falling for a zombie, what with all the rotting flesh and gutteral moaning but then again, Halloween is not the time to judge based on appearance. Make an exception and play this song at your Halloween party for all the big old softie love infected zombies out there.

The Zombie Apocalypse

halloween music

When the zombie apocalypse strikes and everything is looking bleak, you will need this song to keep cheerful. He may list a catalogue of catastrophes that have messed up his week but the singer still manages to sound upbeat about it all. Click the video for a great little animation with some hidden gems in the graphics.

The Time Warp

halloween music

If you haven’t include The Time Warp in your Halloween Music playlist yet, you should do so. Even kiddiwinks who are not ready for The Rocky Horror Picture Show are going to enjoy the addictive beat, the showstopping chorus and they will feel compelled to get up and join in. This is a real ice-breaker at a party especially Halloween.

Click the video button to view the Time Warp clip from The Rocky Horror Picture Show. If you have yet to experience this movie and you think the Time Warp clip looks a little zany just remember…this is simply the warm-up act for Tim Curry.

Masquerade Waltz

halloween music

This is a wonderfully rich waltz from composer Aram Khachaturian which conjures up images of a masked ball, ladies in floaty gowns, handsome men in formal attire with white gloves and an orchestra who plays on tirelessly until dawn breaks and the carriages speed away to race the sunlight. Whether your soiree is a masquerade ball, vampire gathering, or just want a break between the rock music and monster mash with something classical, this is a wonderful waltz that can reset the tempo at any occasion.

We reckon this would be a personal request of Gomez and Morticia Addams if they turned up at your party.

Edward Scissorhands Ice Dance

halloween music

The music that accompanies the Edward Scissorhands movie is as romantic and ethereal as the character of Edward himself. When Edward carves a giant ice angel sculpture, Kim is enthralled and dances around as the flakes of ice gently fall like snow. Include this is your Halloween Music playlist for a romantic, gentle interlude from the heavy rock and monster songs. Edward Scissorhands fans will love it. Watch them twirling!

The Video clip shows the Ice Dance sequence from the Matthew Bourne Ballet of Edward Scissorhands.

Zombie & Halloween Albums

Dawn of the Dead

halloween Music CD Vinyl

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halloween Music CD Vinyl

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Zombie Tunes

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Catacomb Productions

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Harry Potter

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Halloween Music

Love all things zombie related? Need some catchy Halloween Music for a living dead party? Like listening to zombie-themed tunes whilst training for the impending apocalypse? Or do you simply require some comedic classics to boost morale within your zombie-proofed storm shelter? Then you’ve come to the right place! Within our extensive zombie music archives we have a broad spectrum of soothing, scary and spectacular songs to suit any zombie enthusiast!

Zombie Songs

For instance, if you want to listen to some singles with a slight zombie twist then we can ease you into the gory genre with some pop culture hits including “Monster” by Lady Gaga and “Zombie” by Natalia Kills. Similarly, if you want to enjoy some smash-hits that have been made famous by their amazing zombie-themed music videos then we highly recommend Michael Jackson’s ground-breaking “Thriller” and the catchy cult classic “Dancing With Myself” by Billy Idol.

They say that music can be infectious, and what could be more viral than a zombie parody single? So if you love tunes penned in the style of Weird Al Yankovic, then why not check out our extensive selection of comedy songs including; “Zombie Love Song”, “Re: Your Brains” and “Zombie Jamboree” amongst many others?

Alternatively, hard-core horror and heavy metal enthusiasts may also wish to sample our range of hits by Ozzy Osbourne including “Zombie Stomp” and Wednesday 13’s “Walked With A Zombie”; the possibilities are endless!

Movies and TV Themes

If you can’t stop humming tunes from your favourite zombie films and TV shows then you’ll be happy to hear that our Halloween music archives are fully stocked with the official soundtracks that accompany these living dead dramas. From The Munsters and Dawn of the Dead to Warm Bodies and The Walking Dead, our Zombie Pit team can match you with all manner of spooky songs from your favourite TV shows and feature films!

Party music

Planning a party and need some thrilling tunes to keep your guests howling at the moon till the break of dawn? Not to worry, our Halloween Music compilation CDs have the answer! From the Ghostbusters soundtrack and the original “Monster Mash” album by Bobby Pickett and the Crypt Kickers, to “Now That’s What I Call Halloween” and “Halloween’s Greatest Hits”, these zombie compilation CDs will entertain adult zombie enthusiasts and ankle biters of all ages!

Zombie Albums

Our “Now That’s What I Call Halloween” album features hits such as The Munsters’ inspired “Dragula” by Rob Zombie, Danny Elfman’s iconic Beetlejuice “Main Title Music” and “This Is Halloween”, the eternally catchy “Somebody’s Watching Me” by Rockwell, Run-DMC’s rendition of “Ghostbusters”, Nina Simone ‘s classic tune “I Put A Spell On You”, the toe tapping tune “Monster Mash”, as well as fond fan favourites “Ghost Town” by The Specials, the “Tubular Bells” theme music from The Exorcist and many, many more living dead lyrical ballads!

Cult Classics

Just can’t get enough of zombie-themed songs? Never fear, our “Halloween’s Gravest Hits” album is here! This extensive CD collection incorporates all manner of cult classics and commercial successes including “Don’t Fear The Reaper”, David Bowie’s “Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps)”, the quirky “Kookie, Kookie, Lend Me Your Comb (Spooky, Spooky, Lend Me Your Tomb)” by Spike Jones, a 1992 digitally re-mastered version of The Twilight Zone main title music, and even a special version of “Feed My Frankenstein” featuring Alice Copper alongside Rob Zombie! Need we say more?

More Halloween Music

Ultimately, if you just can’t decide which single or album will kick-start your zombie music listening marathon, then why not check out our blog posts on the “Best 5 Zombie Songs” and the “Best 5 Zombie Music Videos” to glean some top tips from fellow living dead enthusiasts? The “Sell Your Soul” Creepshow Album features the addictive “Zombies Ate her brains”, and we can connect you with the complete Warm Bodies Soundtrack of memorable melodies played throughout the Zom-Rom-Com Warm Bodies movie. All of the songs listed within these articles will be available to either download, stream, order on CD or vinyl within our Zombie Pit music archives. So why not treat yourself to some thoroughly catchy zombie tunes online today? With the help of our Zombie Pit team you can hum, sing, and toe tap your way through any viral outbreak with a smile on your face, a spring in your step and a weapon at the ready!

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