Best 5 Zombie Songs

Click on image to hear the Resident Evil Zombie Song from How It Should Have Ended

Best 5 Zombie Songs

Here are our top 5 zombie songs. It’s an eclectic mix from as diverse a bunch of zombie crooners you are ever likely to hear. Click on an image to hear a 30 second sample of the song. All songs are available to download. For more songs and Albums to sample, stream, access in CD or vinyl, check out our Song and Album Section.

If I Were A Zombie (Acoustic) by Stephanie Mabey From the Album Acoustic – Ep January 1, 2010

A humourous song about zombie love. It might not seem like much to us, but when a zombie promises not to eat somebody’s brains that has to be love. While our zombie declares her undead love, she promises not to infect her intended, at least until after they are married. And what better way to spend their new undead life together than whiling away their “happiest days … picking off your friends”.

Zombie Party

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Album: Look At Me Now Lyrics/작사: 태운 Composer/작곡: 태운, 라디오갤럭시 Arranger/편곡: 라디오갤럭시 Released: 2014

This is a brilliant Zombie Song from South Korean group SPEED. Click on the image to view their spectacular synchronized zombie moves. The lyrics say “today we are not human…let’s party like zombies”. This song would be great to add to any zombie party playlist and is sure to get even the laziest zombies up and grooving!

Re: Your Brains by Jonathan Coulton From the Album Thing a Week Two September 29, 2006

This is a terrific song about a bunch of office workers appealing to the few remaining humans left to just give up and let the zombies eat their brains. The proposed zombie invasion is professionally pitched with a firm agenda, itemised key points, projected timescales and costs. The lack of visual aids may have cost them the contract, but given the lack of office security, we think the hostile take-over is fairly imminent.
Checkout the Re-Your Brains video included in our Best Zombie Music Videos

Zombie By Natalia Kills From the Album Perfectionist August 16, 2011

This is a great Zombie Song, reminiscent of ‘R’ and Julie in Warm Bodies.
“She’s in love with a zombie” and she know he likes her because he “chases her nightly”. His blood is cold, his heart is freezing, but she’s the one trying to stay cool. Just because he hasn’t got round to biting her yet, doesn’t mean he doesn’t care. Brilliant song, addictive beat. Check out this song set to a clip from Warm Bodies on our Zombie Video Section.

Zombie Jamboree

zombie music

Zombie Jamboree

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zombie music

zombie videos

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Zombie Jamboree by Rockappella from their Album Rockapella In Concert, originally released 2000, Audio CD released March 6, 2001

This is a fantastic song and an amazing A Cappella performance from Rockapella. The human voice truly is the greatest instrument and these guys show they can deliver sensational sounds with no instrumental backing.

The zombies in New York are having a jamboree Calypso style and showing everyone how to party. The lyrics of this song vary depending on the singer; Rockapella include a hire wire zombie and a King Kong Zombie. If the zombie apocalypse is going to have music like this, it may not be so bad after all. Those zombies sure know how to party!
The Rockapella in Concert album is a show stopping blend of rich sounds and amazing harmonies. Get your hands on one of these for a real musical treat. If you saw the concert live we’re not jealous, but the zombies will probably eat you first!

Written by ZombiePit

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