Sell Your Soul by Creepshow

Sell Your Soul by Creepshow

Click image to watch Zombies at Her Brain Video. Sample all Album tracks below!
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  • Creepshow

    The Creepshow band hail from Burlington Ontario and were formed in 2005. Their music fuses a fondness for classic horror flicks with a punk-flavored take on high-octane rockabilly which has earned them the title Canada’s reigning monarchs of psychobilly. The Creepshow is known for their fast-paced songs filled with lots of backup vocals and sing-alongs in which the whole crowd can participate, which makes for a great live show.
    The band has seen a few changes in members over the years, but they have maintained a loyal fan following extending from Europe to the United States.

    Sell Your Soul

    Sell Your Soul was Creepshow’s first album released in 2006 by Stereo Dynamite, Produced by The Creepshow and Steve Rizun, and distributed by EMI Music Canada.
    At that time, the band line up consisted of:

    Sean “Sickboy” McNab – Upright Bass / Backup Vocals
    Jen “Hellcat” Blackwood – Guitar / Lead Vocals
    Paul “The Reverend” McGinty – Keys / Backup Vocals
    Matt “Pomade” Gee – drums

    Other Contributors on the first Album Save Your Soul were:

    Steve Rizun – Recording, Mixing and Mastering.
    Orchard Studios – Drum and Bass Recording.
    Doghouse Music, Lyrics and additional Guitar by Hooch of The Matadors.
    Harmonica on The Garden by Sarah Blackwood (sister to Jen)
    All Background Vocals by The Creepshow and SnaX Rebo.
    Design and Photography by Ashlea Wessel at Revolver Photography.
    Illustrations by Jen “Hellcat” Blackwood.
    Psycho Ball and Chain lyric inspiration by Emma

    Sell Your Soul Tracks

    sell your soul

    “The Sermon” (0:33)
    “Creatures of the Night” (2:42)
    “Shake” (3:38)
    “Sell Your Soul” (2:41)
    “Cherry Hill” (2:57)
    “Candy Kiss” (3:48)
    “Grave Diggers” (2:03)
    “Zombies Ate Her Brain” (1:29)
    “The Garden” (3:36)
    “Doghouse” (4:37)
    “Psycho Ball & Chain” (2:48)

    Click on a song to hear a quick 30 second sample!

    Sell Your Soul Verdict

    Sell your Soul is fast, frantic and full of fun. Our favourite track is Zombies Ate her Brain, but then maybe we are just biased! Creepshow are a bunch of very talented musicians and the lead singer Jen Blackwood has a remarkable voice. With this great selection of songs we think Creepshow will have those zombies rockin’ in the aisles. Long may the Monarchs of psychobilly rule!

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    • Sell Your Soul
    • Sell Your Soul
    • Sell Your Soul
    • Sell Your Soul
    • Sell Your Soul

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