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zombie hunter wallet
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Zombie Hunter Wallet Description

Everything you wear from your hat to your shoes says something about the kind of person you are. Select one of these zombie hunter wallets to safeguard your assets and you will immediately assume the guise of a permit carrying member of the Zombie Kill Squad. This delightful zombie hunter wallet is perfectly practical for storing coins, cards and cash, as well as having a window compartment for holding ID. It’s a folding wallet with a press stud fastening which packs up neatly and slips in a pocket. What makes this wallet so much more than just a functional accessory for safeguarding your cash and cards is the detail on the front.

The bright orange display grabs the attention with a glorious zombie kill squad logo. The words “Zombie Hunter” emblazoned across the front of the wallet will leave no one in any doubt that, come the zombie apocalypse, they are dealing with a Daryl Dixon, not a potential lunch victim! Your permit number is a delightful touch to give an authenticity to the Zombie Hunter theme. Finally, underneath, is the mission statement of the Zombie Kill Squad of which the card carrying Zombie Hunter is a member: Locate, Decapitate, Incinerate.

zombie hunter walletPack your credit cards, cash, coins and ID into your Zombie Hunter Wallet, slip it in your back pocket and you are retail ready for the apocalypse. Now all you have to do is sort out a Zombie Truck, pack up your Survival Gear and head for your chosen Zombie Apocalypse place of refuge!

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Zombie Hunter Wallet Features

  • Faux Leather
  • Fold over design with popper fastener.
  • 8 individual card slots. 2 clear window slots.
  • 1 large note slot and 1 coin pocket with fastener
  • Material: Simulated Black Faux Leather
  • Dimension when closed 11cm x 14cm (4.3 inches x 5.5 inches)

Zombie Hunter Wallet Verdict

Practical faux leather folding wallet with enough compartments to hold coins, cards, notes and ID. The Zombie Hunter theme on the front is a delightful touch for The Walking Dead fan or zombie enthusiast who fancies himself as a zombie slayer. Would make a great gift for the would-be zombie hunter in your life!

Zombie Rating

  • Zombie Hunter Wallet
  • Zombie Hunter Wallet
  • Zombie Hunter Wallet
  • Zombie Hunter Wallet
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