Daryl Dixon Wings

Daryl Dixon wings
  1. Measures: 14 x 6.7 inches
  2. Iron on patch
  3. High quality patch, Badge, Backpatch More…
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Daryl Dixon

The mention of the name Daryl Dixon immediately conjures up an image of a strong, resourceful character with a weather worn countenance and a dress style perfectly suited to the wild environment he inhabits. Despite his rough exterior we have come to recognise that Daryl has a heart of gold; he’s compassionate, decisive and fiercely loyal to his ‘family’.

Wings of an Angel

It is no surprise therefore that along with his upfront image of an unkempt biker who always has a weapon in his hands and a glib remark on his tongue, the overriding symbol that epitomises this conflicted character is a pair of angel’s wings embroidered on his back.

Daryl Dixon Costume

When putting together a Daryl Dixon Costume, one of the key features to get right is the pair of angel wings on the back of his vest. One of the simplest ways to achieve this is with a pair of these ready made wings patches.

There are alternatives of course, such as a ready made vest with wings attached. Alternatively, you could also get your hands on a shirt, jacket and vest combination. For a full Daryl Dixon costume, check out our Step by Step Daryl Dixon Costume Guide.

Taking Wings

One of the most important considerations when choosing a Daryl Dixon Wings vest is to ensure the correct positioning of the wings. Take a look at the real Daryl’s wings and you can see the tops of the wings sit high on his shoulders above the yoke line of the vest. Many readymade vests on the market have their wings positioned too low.

DIY like Daryl did

There are advantages to making your own vest with a pair of these Daryl Dixon Wings. Firstly, affixing them yourself means you can ensure they are positioned correctly, exactly as Daryl Dixon wears his. Secondly, you can choose the type of vest to which you attach them. Leather? Denim? Faux Leather? The choice is yours. If you already own a suitable vest, you can create your own, high quality Daryl Dixon vest at a fraction of the cost of buying a ready made version. Let’s face it, it’s what Daryl did!

How Big are these Wings?

These wings measure 14inches x 6.8 inches (350mm by 170mm). They are an embroidered, quality product designed to be ironed on easily.

Daryl Dixon Wings Verdict

These Walking Dead Daryl Dixon embroidered wings are an excellent choice for turning any vest into an iconic Daryl Dixon replica biker vest. They are iron-on, so are quick to apply.

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  • Daryl Dixon Wings
  • Daryl Dixon Wings
  • Daryl Dixon Wings
  • Daryl Dixon Wings
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  1. I ordered the embroided wing patch.love the patch and colors..It came with no instructions to iron it on..is there a backing that needs removed before you iron it on/

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