Daryl Dixon Wings

Daryl Dixon wings
  1. Measures: 14 x 6.7 inches
  2. Iron on patch
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Daryl Dixon

The mention of the name Daryl Dixon immediately conjures up an image of a strong, resourceful character with a weather worn countenance and a dress style perfectly suited to the wild environment he inhabits. Despite his rough exterior we have come to recognise that Daryl has a heart of gold; he’s compassionate, decisive and fiercely loyal to his ‘family’. It is no surprise therefore that along with his upfront image of an unkempt biker who always has a weapon in his hands and a glib remark on his tongue, the overriding symbol that epitomises this conflicted character is a pair of angel’s wings embroidered on his back.

Daryl Costume

When it comes to putting together a Daryl Dixon costume there are a few iconic ingredients that are essential: unruly hair, crossbow, biker clothes and a vest with a pair of wings emblazoned on the back. The aspect of his costume that presents the biggest challenge here is getting the wings right. The simplest solution is to get your hands on a readymade vest.


Taking Wings

One of the most important considerations when choosing a Daryl Dixon Wings vest is to ensure the correct positioning of the wings. Take a look at the real Daryl’s wings and you can see the tops of the wings sit high on his shoulders above the yoke line of the vest. Many readymade vests on the market have their wings positioned too low. The last thing you need is those walkers realising you’re an imposter! If you cannot get your hands on a suitable readymade vest, the next best alternative is to take a plain leather vest and attach your own set of wings. Or perhaps you already have a vest and would love a set of Daryl wings to adorn the back?

Daryl Dixon Wings

These Walking Dead Daryl Wings are excellent for quickly and easily turning a plain vest into a Daryl Dixon iconic replica. Produced by “Patch Shop” a reputable manufacturer of embroidered badges, these wings measure 350mm by 170mm, which is 14inches x 6.8 inches. These wings are a quality product designed to be ironed on easily.

Now your Daryl Dixon vest is taken care of, you just need to sort out the other essentials required to put together an authentic looking Daryl Dixon Costume. Never fear, the Zombie Pit team are here to help. Check out our Daryl Dixon Wig, Crossbow and Daryl Dixon Step by Step Cosplay Guide for all the necessary Daryl related costume items; or take a look at our Zombie Costume Selection for lots more cosplay inspiration!

Daryl Dixon Wings Verdict

These Walking Dead Daryl Dixon embroidered wings are an excellent choice for turning any vest into an iconic Daryl Dixon replica biker vest. They are iron-on, so are quick to apply.

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  • Daryl Dixon Wings
  • Daryl Dixon Wings
  • Daryl Dixon Wings
  • Daryl Dixon Wings
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***This item is available for delivery to the UK***

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Written by ZombiePit

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