Halloween Makeup

Want to dress as a zombie for your next Halloween party? Need to brush up on your Halloween Makeup skills so you can blend in amongst the living dead should the apocalypse strike? Or have you always wanted to carry off a detailed zombie cosplay but don’t know where to start? … read more…

ben nye liquid latex
Liquid Latex

Ben Nye Liquid Latex is the ideal product for creating dramatic zombie makeup easily. Add a dab of makeup, a glug of fake blood and voila – the newest member of the walking dead!

zipper face
Zipper Face

Get yourself voted the most gory, revolting, scary faced zombie at the party with this easy to apply Zipper Face FX Kit. Don’t look in the mirror too long, it will crack!

zombie eyes
Zombie Eyes

The most chilling aspect of a zombie’s appearance are the cold, dead, unfeeling eyes. If you need a little help achieving ultimate zombie eyes, grab a pair of these lenses.