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Rick Grimes Hat

Rick Grimes Hat Description

Rick Grimes HatIf you are a fan of The Walking Dead and have been looking for authentic accessories to compliment your next cosplay costume then you have to check out this suberb Western style cowboy hat. Crafted from faux brown felt, this stylish and high quality hat has been adorned with a gold metallic hat cord and is shown in these pictures above teamed with a replica gold metal King County Sheriff’s badge. Pair this high quality cowboy hat with a full Sheriff’s uniform, rifle and horse (if you have one at hand) for an epic Rick Grimes outfit. Check out our King County Sheriff shirt and our Kings County Badge and patches set to make an authentic looking Rick Grimes Sheriff Costume!

Carl Grimes Hat

rick grimes hat
This Western style cowboy hat would be ideal for putting together an authentic cosplay costume for Carl Grimes when worn plain with just the gold cord. Pair the hat with an eye-patch, flannel shirt and suitably sullen nature and you have an authentic cosplay solution for a cool Carl Grimes costume! Leave out the eye patch and add in a Carl Chocolate Pudding Tote for an authentic Carl touch!

Each of these Western style cowboy hats measures 12 inches by 12 inches by 8 inches and has been fitted with a sweatband so you can rest assured that you will benefit from a secure fit irrespective of whether your head is Carl or Rick sized.
If you’re into the bad boys, a third alternative would be Shayne Walsh, Rick’s erstwhile partner from his days as a King County Sheriff; the choice is yours!
This quality cowboy hat is versatile to meet the needs of a number of cowboy cosplay roles and is sure to meet the needs of any die-hard Walking Dead enthusiast!

Rick Grimes Hat Verdict

Our Zombie Pit team felt compelled to showcase this Western style cowboy hat because it is one of the few faux brown felt hats available that is similar in size and style to the actual Sheriff’s hat worn by Rick and Carl Grimes within AMC’s The Walking Dead TV series. Regardless of whether you plan to attend an upcoming Comic Con event, a zombie-themed Halloween party, or if you simply wish to savour (not savior!) the current excitement on The Walking Dead in spectacular Southern style, we highly recommend you check out this Western style cowboy hat online today as well as exploring all of the officially licensed products, costume accessories and collectibles featured within our Walking Dead Merchandise Section.

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***This hat is currently in high demand. When out of stock, we suggest the following alternative Western Cowboy Hats***

View on Amazon.com Rick Grimes Hat
View on Amazon.com Rick Grimes Hat

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