Halloween Decoration Ideas

There’s less than a month to go so it’s time to break out those broomsticks, assemble your pumpkin carving tools and dress your home for Halloween! Whether you’re planning a monster movie marathon and need some living dead accessories to set the scene, if you’re organising an all-out Halloween bash with your friends and family, or if you’ve always wanted to transform your home into a haunted house to thrill, chill and surprise unsuspecting trick-or-treaters, then we’re here to help!
At Zombie Pit we love all things Halloween-related; from inflatable yard props to unique party accessories. As such, we’ve scoured the deepest, darkest, cobweb-adorned sections of the Internet in order to find the best Halloween decorations available. By following this step-by-step guide you can create your very own Halloween haunted house; full of ghouls, gadgets and goodies that will strike fear and awe into the hearts of your family and friends! Enter if you dare…

Halloween Party Ideas

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Front of House Fright Fest!

First impressions are important; especially on Halloween. Regardless of whether you live in a suburban home or a second floor apartment, the front of your house can serve as the perfect place to set the scene for your Halloween extravaganza. For instance, if you have a large front lawn then you have a golden opportunity to create your own haunted graveyard tableau. All you need are some prop tombstones with some well placed fake zombie arms creeping out from amidst some scattered earth in order to catch the attention of roaming trick-or-treaters.
halloween party ideasAt Zombie Pit, we recommend placing a few of these plastic Zombie Arms in front of some prop tombstones to make it look as if the dead are dining out this Halloween! When it comes to prop tombstones, there are some great yard displays on offer; including this Raven RIP Halloween Tombstone Silhouette, this Designer Resin Grim Reaper Tombstone (click here for UK version) or this Talking Tombstone all of which can be paired with this 10 Foot Graveyard Entrance Arch that can be placed at the boundary line of your property.
Moreover, we have also found a wide range of foam tombstone displays , such as this Rest In Pieces Tombstone Decoration or these halloween party ideasPack of 4 RIP Foam Tombstones which can be scattered around for a more dramatic effect. By using foam tombstones with the stakes supplied you can rest assured that even if the dead do rise from their graves your flowerbeds and luscious lawn will remain intact come sunrise!

Dazzle ’em with a projected light show!

When it comes to decorating the front of your house, large or small, nothing grabs the attention of passing zombies, vampires, ghouls or even people, like a spectacular light show. If you would like to project images onto the outside of your house or lay on a spooktacular show indoors, our Zombie Pit team are excited to tell you about this Waterproof Landscape Projector that we think is the best one out there! Not only will it project Ghosts and Spectres that will make you the envy of all the boys and ghouls in the neighborhood, the projector comes with alternative slides for all sorts of holidays including Christmas, Birthdays, Valentines day and more!
A similar lightshow is available to our UK fiends, here!

Halloween Laser Light Illumination

halloween party ideasIf you are looking for a spectacular laser light that illuminates a large area with lights and no images, then Zombie Pit have no hesitation in recommending the CRGPRO laser light projector. Incorporating the same laser holographic technology found in theme parks, this amazing laser spotlight will project breathtaking stars onto any surface. Easy to install, no ladders are required with this plug and play device. It will cast illumination over more than 800 square feet and projects up to 100 yards away. Indoors or outside, this versatile projector will be sure to cast a blanket of lighting over your Holiday festivities for many moons to come, whether it is Halloween, Christmas, a Birthday or any day you feel like celebrating!

Halloween Party Ideas for Half-Pints

If you are planning a Halloween party for younger guests and have been looking for some frightful yet fun outdoor decorations then not to worry; we have found a vast collection of outdoor inflatable decorations that you can construct on your front lawn or in your back garden in a matter of minutes. These light-hearted attractions will amuse and entertain your younger guests without keeping them up at night!
halloween party ideasSome of our favourite child-friendly Halloween yard decorations include; this inflatable Haunted House Castle this Massive Yard Spider Web set, this 16″ inflatable Eye Ball (no relation), this Inflatable Minion Bob, wishing everyone a Happy Halloween, a 12 foot long Halloween inflatable Kaleidoscope projection Haunted Carriage and these Weather Resistant Multi-Coloured Flashing Tombstones which can be used indoors or outdoors. We have also found these happy looking 4ft stack of Jack O’Lanterns, a brilliant Inflatable Ghost, Tree and Pumpkin Graveyard Prop, a variety of Inflatable Bat On Tombstone props and some extravagant Castle Archway With Ghost, Pumpkins and Cauldron displays which can be erected by themselves or en masse in order to create a fantastical Halloween scenario!
For a great alternative to candy, try this Mega Halloween Toy Assortment which are also great for kids party prizes.
Many of these items are available for international shipping, however, we have included the appropriate links so our UK fiends can find them locally:
Inflatable Haunted House Castle, Mega Yard Spider Web, Beistle Giant Inflatable Eye Ball, Inflatable Haunted Carriage.
We would also like to recommend this adorable Alternative Halloween Arch with Spooky Owls which we think would create a great Halloween entrance that would particularly appeal to the little ones!

Create a Spooky, Creepy Atmosphere

halloween party ideasIrrespective of the specific yard decorations or interior setting you choose, the quickest way to create a spine tingling Halloween atmosphere is with a Low Lying Fog Machine. These little gadgets are amazingly quick to warm up, create plumes of fog that remain at a low level to create that creepy graveyard look or haunted castle feel that will send shivers up the spine of all who enter. Turn on this creepy contraption and it will cover the cracks, corners and cables of any haunted house tableau. Switch on your fog machine just before your guests arrive to create an air of mystery and intrigue that will make your Halloween haunted house the envy of the neighbourhood! Turn your yard or house into a Hammer House of Horror set this Halloween, we guarantee it will be a scream!
(UK fiends click here for more details)

halloween party ideas

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Greet your ghouls and guests with some dreaded door decorations!

Once your guests have managed to drag themselves away from your awesome Halloween garden extravaganza, it’s time to spook them with some well-placed front door decorations! By draping a few Pumpkin String Light Displays along your porch railing or guttering, placing a pair of Halloween Pumpkin Porch Light Covers either side of your door, or staging this Crazy Bonez Pose and Stay Scary Skeleton, and hanging some fake Cobwebs and Zombie Caution Tape around the edges of your doorframe, you can transform any mortal portal into a spook-tacular Halloween spectacle!
If you are running out of time and resources to decorate your front of house, we recommend invest in a Zombie Door Display which can be placed over your front door in mere seconds to simulate a zombie breaking through the woodwork. Similarly, you can place a Zombie Window Scene on the inside of your front windows and affix some Faked Wooden Boards onto the outside to make it look as if your home has been invaded by members of the living dead!
If your guests are able to muster up the courage to ring your bell, why not reward their bravery with a Screaming Welcome Mat and some Sound Activated Halloween Props such as this maniacal Giant Bat with motion and voice sensors? Add a string of spooky Halloween backlighting and a Talking Eyeball Doorbell and your guests will be in suitably spooky spirits before they’ve even set foot within your awesome abode.
(UK fiends can find details of this amazing doorbell here!)

halloween party ideas

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Setting the scene for your guests

Now we’ve made it over the threshold it’s time to dress your home; Halloween style! Regardless of whether you plan to entertain your guests in the living room, dining room or kitchen, with a few Ceiling Decorations, some Zombie Caution Tape, a touch of Creepy Cloth and some classy Haunted House Chandelier Decorations you can inject some spooky style into any entertaining area.
If you have plenty of time to spare then there are endless possibilities for dressing up your home for Halloween. Fans of glow-in-the-dark goodies will love this Glow In The Dark Skeleton, these 3D Bat Light Stickers and this Multicoloured Super Stretch Spider Webbing which can be hung or affixed onto any wall surface or ceiling. All of these Halloween decorations are reusable and can be hung up and taken down in a matter of minutes. By pairing these UV party decorations with some Hanging Spider Decorations, these Black Ghost Wall Stickers these Hanging Bat Ghost and Spider Paper Lanterns some Halloween Paper Lanterns with LED light and this Glitter Witch Wall Sticker scattered throughout your house you can ensure that every nook and cranny within your home has been infused with a suitably spooky twist!

Easy Decorations and Games

On the other hand, although all of the aforementioned party decorations are fantastic for creating a haunted house atmosphere, if you are decorating on a budget or if you only have a few hours to organise a Halloween party then we recommend investing in the multitude of Halloween-themed party games and decorating kits on offer. halloween party ideasSets such as this Spot It! Halloween card game, this Witches Decorating Kit and 50 piece Halloween Balloon pack will enable you to decorate your home and plan some light-hearted Halloween party games on short notice. For a great game that requires a little skill and a lot of Halloween fun, we recommend you try Johnny the Skull Skill and Action Game. Take it in turns to shoot down the ghostly specters than Johnny beams onto the walls. For the best results, play in a darkened room for an hilarious Halloween hoot!

Haunted party platters and deadly drinks

Now that you’ve set up the tricks, it’s time to enjoy the treats! Dress any large table with either this Halloween Lace Tablecloth or this super long Multicoloured Halloween Tablecloth and drape some Halloween Party Tomb Chair Covers over your chairs to transform any dining room furniture into the focal point of your party. Once you’ve set the table, you can showcase your culinary skills by placing your Halloween themed party snacks within a series of Spider Web Candy Bowls and a Hershey’s Halloween Giant Pumpkin packed full of tasty treats!

halloween party ideas

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Moreover, instead of simply serving drinks, why not set a Coffin Cooler full of beers, lagers or your drinks of choice at the centre of your table? You could even place multiple Zombie Wine Bottle Holder units on either side so that your guests can help themselves to a selection of wines and spirits. If you’ve been looking for a unique way to serve your favourite Halloween-themed cocktails then we recommend using these Blood Bag Drinks Containers. These plastic reusable drinks containers can hold all manner of cocktails, coolers and fizzy drinks; all you have to do is write the name of each drink within the ‘blood type’ section on the label, hang them from your preferred IV drip or drinking apparatus and your guests can help themselves.
halloween party ideas
For an added twist, you could even forgo conventional paper plates and serving pots in favour of this Cauldron Set. After all, when it comes to Halloween party decorations and dining accessories, the only limits are your imagination and the amount of time you have to set the table!
At the end of the day, you can incorporate as many or as few of these innovative Halloween decorations as you like to your existing All Hallows Eve collection. For instance, if you’re planning a low key monster movie marathon then why not pair your Halloween themed serving bowls with some sumptuously soft Pumpkin Throw Pillows? Ideal for giving your guests something to hide behind during a Night of the Living Dead marathon! We have a great range of spooky movie ideas such as Dead Snow, What We Do in the Shadows, and if you want to combine a little zombie romance: Warm Bodies.
Similarly, if you don’t wish to be disturbed by trick-or-treaters during your monster movie marathon then you could place this Cauldron Candy Bowl outside your well-dressed front door so trick-or-treaters can help themselves while you are out doing your own trick or treating!
Ultimately, regardless of whether you’re having a party with little ankle biters, fully grown ghouls or a casual movie marathon, the ideal way to set the scene within any haunted house is mood lighting, mist and music. After all, who doesn’t love a fog machine and Thriller? To infuse your party with a subtle touch of the supernatural you can simply add this Mist Maker to any ordinary serving bowl. You could offset the eerie atmosphere you have created with some well-placed Disco Ball Lighting which will move in time with the bass beat of any Halloween track and you can evoke a mysterious atmosphere throughout your spook-tacular soiree. Only one question remains; which track do you play first, Addams Family theme tune or Ghostbusters original score? We have some great Halloween Music compilations in our Zombie Music Section, from Bobby Pickett’s Monster Mash album, to The Walking Dead and iZombie Soundtracks and the haunting Catacomb’s Production of Creepy Crypt Cantations!

Frightening Finishing Touches

As well as your main Halloween party decorations there are some awesome additional extras that you may wish to consider incorporating to make your haunted house stand out from all the rest. For example, why not hang a Hanging Phantom Decoration in your closet to watch over your guests’ coats and to give them a surprise should they dare to leave? halloween party ideas
Alternatively, if you are planning a movie marathon then why not cover the walls of your viewing room with a Halloween Asylum Scene or a Zombie Outbreak Scene? These vibrant tableaus can catch the corner of your guests’ eyes during the film and will be sure to give them a shock when the lights come back on!
You could also prove that nowhere is safe from surprises within your haunted house by dressing your downstairs toilet or bathroom with some blood-stained sticker decorations. A Bloody Shower Curtain, some vivid red handprints bloodied splatters from this Bloody Handprint Sticker Set on your bathroom mirror, as well as a Zombie Toilet Seat Cover will be sure to thrill and chill your family and friends wherever they dare to tread within your haunted home. You could even place an Addams Family inspired Thing Crawling Hand Toy in your bedroom cupboards or stick a fake giant spider inside your bathroom medicine cabinet to catch out any snooping guests; the possibilities are endless!

halloween party ideas

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Fundamentally by following the tips and tricks provided within this guide you can create a frightfully fun haunted house experience for all of your friends and family who were brave enough to venture inside. Once the sun has risen and your guests have retreated back to their respective crypts all that’s left to do is hang your Boo! We’re Out Of Candy sign on the front door, batten down the hatches, and start planning how you’re going to top this Halloween extravaganza next year! You know where to find us…

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Written by Emma Wortley