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These are one size contact lenses in white, which will blank out any colour, making the iris in your eyes appear white. These lenses are designed to be worn for just one day. They are not prescription lenses.
Once you have finished applying your zombie makeup with bruises and fake blood, create fantastically dramatic zombie eyes by adding a pair of these white zombie lenses. They give the immediate illusion of a blank, staring look, unfeeling, quite a chilling stare. Look closely at the zombie hordes in The Walking Dead, Sean of the Dead or Warm Bodies. The most chilling moment when a zombie comes in view is a close up of their face revealing a blank, soulless stare. The blood and the ripped flesh are important, but that staring look is predominantly achieved by adding lenses. Basically, if you want to appear soulless, emotionless with a chilling stare that will disarm everyone you meet, these lenses are a must to complete a look that even you will find startling when you look in the mirror. Tip: don’t smile!

If you are planning a zombie soiree, going on a zombie fun run or getting ready for Halloween, we recommend you get yourself a pair of these lenses to complete your makeup with some scary zombie eyes.
For some excellent tips to create a zombie look, check out our Easy Zombie Makeup Tutorial. For a more dramatic look, we have a tutorial on how to apply zombie wounds for a truly gory look in our Zombie Wound tutorial.

Note for UK Zombies : these lenses are available in the UK, delivered from UK, via the Amazon.com button above.

zombie eyes Verdict

These are great looking lenses to help complete your zombie makeup. If you have never put lenses in your eyes, we recommend you consult an optician who will be able to give you professional advice about inserting and removing lenses with minimal fuss. They really do create a wonderfully dramatic effect for the ultimate zombie eyes.

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