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Prosthetic Makeup
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Prosthetic Makeup Description

Rubies, the manufacturer of this prosthetic piece is a world leader in the creation of costumes, makeup and accessories. A family run business based in the state of New York, Rubies has over 60 years experience in the costume business. Whether it is for Halloween, a kids costume party or you just feel like dressing up, Rubies can help you achieve the look you want.Prosthetic Makeup
When it comes to creating lumps, bumps, open wounds or sores for your zombie costume, you can make a dramatic impact with this 100% latex pre-painted prosthetic makeup piece. Also included is some clean up solvent, so you can quickly resort to your non-zombie state.
As with most prosthetics, it is best to experiment with how where you apply this piece and how you dress it up for best effect. It is important to apply enough adhesive to ensure the piece is secured. Dressing the prosthetic with flesh coloured makeup and fake blood will help to blend the wound with the surrounding tissue for a more dramatic effect. If you would like more advice about achieving zombie wounds check out or Zombie Wound Tutorial. or alternatively take a look at our Easy Zombie Makeup Tutorial for some simple ideas that can be achieved quickly and with minimal makeup experience.
Top tip: place the wound under clothing such as a sleeve, then rip the garment so the “wound” shows through.

100% Latex
Hand Wash
Includes pre-painted latex prosthetic, adhesive and make up suggestions
Also includes clean up solvent
Step-by-step guide and high quality prosthetics make reel f/x the most realistic finishing touches around
Look to rubies for all your character accessory needs
Rubies costume company is a family owned business based in New York with more than 60 years experience

Note for UK Zombies: This zombie prosthetic makeup ships to UK

Prosthetic Makeup Verdict

This prosthetic makeup piece can be used to achieve a dramatic zombie look. It is advisable to add some fake blood and flesh coloured makeup to achieve the best effects.

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View on prosthetic makeup

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