Zombie Wine Bottle Holder

Wine Bottle Holder
  1. Dimensions are 12 In. Long
  2. 8 In. Tall
  3. 6.5 In. Wide and made of resin
  4. Will securely hold most 750 ml wine bottles at an angle which will help preserve the life of the cork
  5. Practical zombie tableware More…
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Zombie Wine Bottle Holder Description

Even zombies enjoy a tipple every now and then! Place this Elixer of the Undead Zombie Wine Bottle Holder within your dining room, kitchen or study and then prepare yourself for grappling with a member of the living dead whenever you want a drink!
This Zombie Wine Bottle Holder measures 12 inches long, 6.5 inches wide and 8 inches tall so it is ideal for supporting 750ml wine bottles. Crafted from a highly durable cold-cast resin material, this solid and eminently robust Zombie Wine Bottle Holder will withstand any living dead onslaught and will securely support any wine bottle at an angle that has been specifically engineered to preserve the life of its cork. What’s more, the intricately crafted hands and mouth of this living dead drinks holder will also securely support any large beer bottles, rounded liquid bottles and slightly square whisky containers.
Meticulously crafted by DWK, this hand-painted Zombie Wine Bottle Holder features a zombie with eerily intense golden eyes, exposed bones, shredded clothing, rotted flesh and stained teeth quenching its bloodlust. The striking design of this Zombie Wine Bottle Holder will look fantastic in the kitchen, office or study of any zombie enthusiast. Whether you are purchasing this drinks holder as a gift for yourself or for a fellow living dead enthusiast you will not be disappointed. This living dead drinks holder would make a striking centrepiece for your next Halloween celebrations or zombie-themed dinner party! The detailed design and artwork lend a depth and interest that captivates the onlooker, fascinating and a little chilling at the same time!
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Zombie Wine Bottle Holder Verdict

If you enjoy wine and you like zombies you are going to love this Elixir of the undead Zombie Wine Bottle Holder. As a centerpiece on a dining table it is sure to be a main talking point with guests. It is well made and sturdy, terrifically detailed yet also practical. Your only problem will be working up the courage to prise the bottle out of the zombie’s grip!

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  • Zombie Wine Bottle Holder
  • Zombie Wine Bottle Holder
  • Zombie Wine Bottle Holder
  • Zombie Wine Bottle Holder
  • Zombie Wine Bottle Holder
View on Amazon.com Zombie Wine Bottle Holder
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