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Like a Zombie Shirt Description

Like a Zombie Shirt is made from 100% Polyester, so is machine washable and will keep its shape. The shirt is like a zombiedecorated with a photorealistic design of what you would look like, if you were a zombie. The print has a 360 degree effect, so whether you are walking towards a crowd of victims, or running away from the angry mob, you will still look every inch a zombie. The colours are vibrant and the print is extremely well done.
Close inspection will reveal that our zombie was minding his own business at the office when his moment came, solike a zombie looks like he is wearing a suit and tie. Zombies will pick on anybody! Our victim has sustained a number of injuries, so his rib cage is exposed, there are numerous cuts and lacerations around the neck and across the body, but the worst has to be his guts that are spilling out for all to see.
The gore doesn’t stop at the front view. Turn around and we can see our victim has endured attacks at the rear with a nice big bloody hand print and some more lacerations.
A particularly nice feature of this shirt are the mess sleeves. They give the illusion that the injuries our victim has suffered have included his arms, but are light weight and stretchy, so will be comfortable.
This shirt would make an excellent casual outfit at the right occasion, particularly if you needed a quick zombie costume with minimal effort. If you added a smattering of zombie makeup this would make a great costume for Halloween or any zombie soiree. It would also be an ideal shirt to wear on a zombie fun run or similar event as it would be cool, comfortable and would clean up quickly afterwards.

100% Polyester
Machine Wash
A photorealistic design that will make you look twice
Instant outfit

Like a Zombie Shirt Verdict

Like a Zombie Shirt is a great way to look like a zombie in the time it takes to change your shirt! This Shirt is well made with vibrant colours and packed with a lot of imagination. It would make an excellent choice for any number of zombie events, and because of the light weight and simplicity, you would survive the event looking just as fresh and recently undead as you did at the start.

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  • Like a Zombie
  • Like a Zombie
  • Like a Zombie
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View on like a zombie

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