Giant Skeleton Halloween Decoration

Giant Skeleton Halloween Decoration

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  1. 11.5 feet tall
  2. Indoor & Outdoor
  3. Animated LCD eyes
  4. LCD Lights
  5. Exclusive to Home Depot
  6. 4 x Batteries More…

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Giant Skeleton Halloween Decoration

giant skeleton halloween decoration

Whoa! stop the press! stop everything! Be still my beating heart! Where, in the name of all that is Halloween, have you ever seen a skeleton as big and as scary as this before? This giant skeleton halloween decoration is definitely going to be the statement piece of Halloween decor this year. Actually, make that several years.

Indoor and Outdoor Attraction

The sheer size and realistic look of this beast makes it impossible to look away. With bones that have a realistic texture, this giant skeleton halloween decoration has a finish that means it will look great wherever you place it. As it is suitable for outdoors or indoors, you can move him around to achieve maximum terror.

Life-like Eyes that follow you

This giant skeleton halloween decoration has Lifeeyes TechnologyTM which creates the most scary, creepy effect. Incredibly realistic, his eyes appear to move and blink in a way that makes you question whether he is actually watching you. Those scary eyes of his seem to follow you around too. As long as his feet don’t start joining in, you’ll be okay.


Seriously, this is a magnificent, jaw-dropping piece to add to your Halloween decorations. It is a true show-stopping statement piece that will leave all those other skeletons in the shade, at the bottom of the bone-pile and feeling a real sense of bone envy.


This giant skeleton halloween decoration, once assembled, stands at almost 12 feet tall. LCD eyes are life-like and appear to blink and look around and are battery operated. The bones are life-like and anatomically detailed. You will also find the skeleton is semi-poseable, due to the hinged shoulder joints.

There is a durable metal frame to hold the skeleton in place and has ground stakes for stability. Your giant skeleton halloween decoration can be placed outdoors but will look equally intimidating inside. To assemble this giant keleton halloween decoration requires 2 people and will take approximately 60 minutes.

Help with Assembly via BILT

With regard to assembly, there are quick and easy 3D assembly instructions available through the use of BILT, which is a freely available app. This is a revolutionary way to assemble and install products with interactive 3D images, voice and text-guided directions which will guide you throught the assembly with step by step instructions.

The use of BILT assembly instructions shortens the task of building your skeleton. It gives hardware and tool prompts for each step of the assembly. You have the option to zoom in and out of images, drag an image to rotate, tap to receive specific descriptions and an instant replay of each step of the process.

Giant Skeleton Halloween Decorations


If you are looking for the biggest, scariest skeleton in the whole graveyard, this giant skeleton halloween decoration ticks all the boxes. As if towereing over the whole neighbourhood was not enough, the Lifeeyes TechnologyTM in his eyes takes his fear factor to a whole new level. Suitable for indoors and outdoors, this giant skeleton will give fascination and fear to all who come near for this Halloween and many more to come.

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  • Giant Skeleton Halloween Decoration
  • Giant Skeleton Halloween Decoration
  • Giant Skeleton Halloween Decoration
  • Giant Skeleton Halloween Decoration
  • Giant Skeleton Halloween Decoration
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Written by Frankie Zee

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