Daryl Claimed T Shirt

Daryl claimed t-shirt
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Daryl claimed t shirt

Daryl Claimed T Shirt Description

Beautiful black, cotton Long T Shirt made from 90% cotton and 10% Spandex for a soft luxury feel with the added bonus of a flexibility of fabric that makes for a comfy fit. The long sleeves are laser cut. The numerous slashes make a very dramatic statement that works effectively with the zombie theme. This officially Licensed T shirt carries the AMC Walking Dead Logo and a large picture of that zombie slayer extraordinaire himself, Daryl Dixon played in the AMC Walking Dead show by heartthrob Norman Reedus. The word “CLAIMED” is splashed diagonally across the picture in a contrasting white. The reverse of the shirt has the trade mark wings associated with Daryl Dixon for an extra Walking Dead touch. This is truly a beautiful shirt that would make a welcome addition to the wardrobe of any walking dead fan.

Daryl Claimed T Shirt Verdict

This offically Licensed Walking Dead Laser Cut T shirt is beautifully made and would make an excellent purchase or present for any walking dead fan. It is stylish enough to wear on a night out, could be matched with jeans for a casual look, and would look great at a costume event with some zombie makeup and maybe a cross bow if you have one lying around. It is a very comfortable fit as the material is 10% Spandex. The laser cut sleeves are a delightfully dramatic touch, very stylish. We think this is a truly beautiful t shirt, the sort that quickly goes from being a new addition to firm favourite in the time it takes to slip it over your head and twirl in front of the mirror.
A must for any Walking Dead fan!

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  • Daryl Claimed T Shirt
  • Daryl Claimed T Shirt
  • Daryl Claimed T Shirt
  • Daryl Claimed T Shirt
  • Daryl Claimed T Shirt
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