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Director: Ruben Fleischer
Screenplay: Paul Wernick, Rhett Reese
Producer: Gavin Polone
Release Date: 2 October 2009 (USA)
Running Time: 87 minutes



The United States of America has witnessed a Zombie Apocalypse. Communication has broken down, so college student Columbus decides to travel home to Columbus Ohio to find out if his parents are ok. Fairly soon he teams up with an unlikely travelling partner “Tallahassee” a gun-toting cowboy with an aptitude for killing zombies in a variety of imaginative and violent ways.

Tallahassee has a hankering for a Twinkie, but just can’t find any. After one more grocery store raid, more dead zombies but still no Twinkies, the pair meet Wichita and Little Rock, a duo of damsels in distress. Turns out they are not so much distressed as con-artists. They drive off in the lads’ truck packed full of weapons on their own quest to “Pacific Park”, a fun fair in Los Angeles said to be zombie-free.

Inevitably the four meet up again, and a truce ensues. Fast forward through some Beverley Hills mansions, some soul searching and touching revelations, Wichita and Little Rock eventually arrive at Pacific Park. It may have been free of zombies when they arrive, but when the lights go on, the undead come crawling from every direction and the girls are soon surrounded.

Can Tallahassee and Columbus get to them before it’s too late? Will Columbus be any use if they do?
And more importantly, will there be Twinkies?

Zombieland Rules

According to Columbus there are a set of rules that will help you to survive a zombie apocalypse. Learn them well. They may save you yet!

  1. Cardio. To escape a pursuing zombie you will need to out-run it, and this means being in good shape
  2. Double Tap. When in doubt, don’t get stingy with your bullets
  3. Beware of Bathrooms
  4. Buckle Up
  5. Travel Light
  6. Don’t Be A Hero
  7. Limber Up
  8. When In Doubt, Always Know Your Way Out

Violence Rating

Ultimately this is a zombie film, so there are scenes of zombies and humans being killed. There are some pretty violent scenes early on which can be quite shocking.
These are the type of violent acts included:

  • Zombies biting flesh
  • A zombie tearing bloody flesh from live humans
  • Numerous killings of zombies in a variety of ways involving bludgeoning to the head
  • A woman flies through the windscreen of her car, and hits the ground hard skidding to a halt in a bloody mess
  • Two arms still gripping a steering wheel, with no body attached
  • Gunshot wound to a man’s chest where a large hole is clearly visible
  • • The zombie violence scenes mean it is not suitable viewing for children, but it is not a serious movie and the way the zombies are slayed is done in a light-hearted way, albeit violent

Zombieland Cast


A very confident outspoken cowboy, Tallahassee is played by Woody Harrelson. As a youngster his mother had told him that one day he would be really good at something. Who could have predicted that would be killing zombies? Tallahassee isn’t really a people person, but somehow manages to find himself part of a rag tag group of survivors. His main quest, apart from killing zombies, is to find a Twinkie!.


Played by Jesse Eisenberg, Columbus is scared of just about everything. He manages to convince Tallahassee, a gun toting zombie-killer extraordinaire, to let him tag along with him on a post-apocalyptic road trip. Columbus has a huge crush on Wichita, but if he is going to win her over, he’s going to have to confront some of his phobias. Columbus has a huge crush on Wichita, but if he is going to win her over, he’s going to have to confront some of his phobias. As if things weren’t bad enough!.


Wichita is played by Emma Stone. We meet Wichita and her young sister in a grocery store as Tallahassee is dispatching several zombies. She casts Columbus a doe eyed look and he’s hooked. However, Wichita and her sister are more than a match for Tallahassee and Columbus and manage to trick them out of their vehicle and weapons. It’s the start of a beautiful friendship! Her mission is to get her sister to “Pacific Park”, a fun park in Los Angeles.

Little Rock

Wichita’s younger sister Little Rock is played by Abigail Breslin. Don’t let her shorter stature fool you, Little Rock serves as a more than willing partner in conning Tallahassee and Columbus out of their truck and weapons. Robbed of her childhood innocence by the Zombie outbreak, it is her wish to travel to a fun park, “Pacific Park” so she can play on some zombie-free rides and hopefully recapture some of her childhood.

Zombieland Verdict

If you’re looking for a hilarious and uplifting zombie comedy film then Zombieland is the ideal choice! Although there are a lot of zombies, we get to see Tallahassee killing them in a variety of imaginative and entertaining ways.

The banter between the characters is thoroughly enjoyable; with Woody Harrelson delivering a solid performance from start to finish. All round this is a fun movie that will keep you laughing right up to the end credits; well worth a rating of 4 zombies!

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Written by ZombiePit

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