Zombie Survival Experience

Zombie Survival Experience
  1. Welcome and safety briefing
  2. Instruction on how to use the weapons provided
  3. Protective clothing inc overalls, vest & goggles
  4. 3 hour battle to hopefully survive the zombies
  5. Tea and coffee
  6. Experience gift pack including personalised voucher and message card
  7. Cancellation indemnity More…
Zombie Survival Experience

Zombie Survival Experience

Ever wondered how you’d fare against an impending horde of flesh-craving zombies? Well now you can find out! Virgin Zombie Survival Experience Days now run two Zombie Survival Experience events at their Heywood, Lancashire, and Kidderminsters, Worcestershire, sites which will enable to put your zombie hunting skills to the test as you fight your way out of an abandoned warehouse armed only with a replica shotgun, a ragtag group of survivors and your quick wits!

zombie experience dayEach of these three hour post-apocalyptic excursions cost £99 per person, is open to zombie hunters aged 16 years and older, and promises to immerse all of its participants within an epic battle for survival. As well as fending off hordes of flesh-craving zombies, you and your intrepid explorers will be required to complete a series of life-saving missions as well as devising and deploying all manner of tactical manoeuvres which could mean the difference between life and the living dead for you and your crew. Moreover, both the Lancashire and Worcestershire locations hold public liability insurance so you can achieve peace of mind that your post-apocalyptic carnage will not adversely impact your bank balance.

Zombie Survival ExperienceDuring these Zombie Survival Experience Days, each of your individual actions and team tactics will directly impact the outcome and progression of your post-apocalyptic zombie survival experience. As such, you can rest assured that this immersive excursion will be unlike any zombie experience you have ever encountered before. Will you and your teammates make it out alive? Will you stop the outbreak of the lethal zombie virus and save the world from a global zombie pandemic? There’s only one way to find out!

Regardless of the individual outcome of your unique post-apocalyptic saga, there are several aspects of each Zombie Survival Experience Day which will remain the same; all missions commence with a Welcome & Safety Briefing alongside detailed Weapons Training Sessions, you will be provided with protective overalls, vests and goggles to ensure that you are suitable equipped to take down the living dead, and of course you will be readily supplied with tea and coffee; essential rations if you’re planning on stopping a global zombie outbreak!

Zombie Experience Day Verdict

Irrespective of whether you are a seasoned zombie experience day survivor or if this will be your first encounter fighting against members of the living dead, each Zombie Survival Experience Day promises to deliver a unique post-apocalyptic adventure unlike any you have ever encountered before. With a horde of groaning zombies coming to get you, it’s a safe, wonderful opportunity to get a taste of what a zombie experience would be like. The commitment to character by those running the event is superb, the fear factor, screaming, or adrenaline pumped excitement is what you bring. Will you be a Daryl Dixon or just tomorrow’s lunch? come and find out!

Full of fast-paced activities and thought-provoking tactical challenges, these Zombie Survival Experience Days will serve as an ideal alternative to a conventional Christmas present, birthday party or bachelor(ette) party. Hosted on selected Saturdays all year round, each Zombie Survival Experience Day ticket comes delivered with a gift pack that features a personalised voucher and message card; the perfect present! We recommend booking your epic adventure at least seven weeks in advance in order to ensure you can annihilate zombies on a day which suits you.

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  • Zombie Survival Experience
  • Zombie Survival Experience
  • Zombie Survival Experience
  • Zombie Survival Experience
  • Zombie Survival Experience
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If you’d like to learn more about zombie experience days and similar Judgement Day gift ideas, why not have a look within our Zombie Pit Survival Section online today? The zombie apocalypse is coming, make sure you’re ready!


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