Zombie Socks

zombie socks
  1. Green Zombie Socks
  2. Non-slip sole
  3. Mid-calf height
  4. Machine washable More…
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Daryl Dixon Sublimation Shirt
Daryl Dixon Sublimation Shirt

Zombie Socks Description

Tired of drab and dull socks? Not to worry! Now you can feel free to liven up your feet with some living dead socks from Silly Socks! These super stretchy Zombie Socks will fit a variety of sizes, will go up to mid-calf and promise to be weird, wacky and wonderfully comfortable!
Manufactured from cotton and fitted with a non-slip sole, these bright green Zombie Socks feature a zombiefied foot design which comes complete with ghoulish scars and grizzly yellow toes! Every pair of Zombie Socks is machine washable and their super stretchy design means that they will comfortably fit both male and female zombie enthusiasts of all ages, shapes and sizes. What’s more, each pair of Silly Socks Zombie Socks measures 12 by 4 by 10 inches so they can be quickly and affordably dispatched across the globe.
As a result, these Zombie Socks will serve as an ideal birthday or Christmas present for all manner of zombie fans. Alternatively, they can also be worn as part of a costume at Halloween or for any other zombie-related celebration. You could even simply purchase a pair for yourself in order to inject some living dead inspiration into your conventional wardrobe; the possibilities are endless!
Now that you’ve found the socks, why not stock up for the zombie apocalypse by pairing these Silly Socks Zombie Socks with some similarly styled undead attire? After all , within our Zombie Pit online merchandise section you will discover an extensive range of officially licensed products from The Walking Dead, Shaun of the Dead and many more internationally renowned zombie TV and feature film franchises. From bags and T-Shirts to lamps, bags and collectable figurines, we can match you with a broad spectrum of living dead memorabilia. So what are you waiting for? Enter if you dare!

Zombie Socks Verdict

Wonderfully decorated zombie socks. Would make a great present for the zombie fan in your house. Or why not treat yourself!

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  • Zombie Socks
  • Zombie Socks
  • Zombie Socks
  • Zombie Socks
  • Zombie Socks
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